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  1. I have all the fruit and veg you're looking for. Don't need anything in return.

  2. Thank you so much! Do you want to come to my island or should I go to yours?

  3. I'm just going into storage to collect the bits. Will you DM me a dodo please?

  4. "It's just the internet" is what a friend once told me.

  5. I had to look twice as I thought you had a TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) number plate.

  6. Rubbish. You've not bin trying at all.

  7. Nice. Will help prevent water damage on the flooring.

  8. I have a great statue! do you have anything on my

  9. Do you still have the great statue please?

  10. I’m sorry, i don’t have It anymore! I have a real informative statue, but otherwise all my art is fake.

  11. I'm just needing the great statue to complete the art collection. Thanks anyway!

  12. I’m so sorry I didn’t get a notification, is it the same dodo?

  13. Hello, how many NMT do you want for the Informative Statue please?

  14. Potatoes are for life, not just for Christmas.

  15. With this picture, you are spoiling us.

  16. Merry Christmas dude. Thanks for sharing your excellent Tokyo runs.

  17. I'm so very sorry. Look after yourself as well as you're able. Seek therapy if you think it'll help you process this trauma. 🤍

  18. Make it £4.99 which is what the kitchen roll I need costs and it's a deal???

  19. I'll do you one better. Put yer 'and out and we'll do a deal for a solid fiver!

  20. I disagree with this statement it’s kinda saying that if your not weird and a reject and a loner then your soul isn’t as beautiful?

  21. I read it that the black sheep, odd ducks, rejects and loners can have hidden beauty.


  23. I have two rattan low tables and two end tables. Are either of these the items you want?

  24. Hello, I would like the low tables please. Would you like anything in return? :)

  25. Nothing needed thanks. I have one each of light brown, dark brown and black. DM me a dodo and let me know your preferred colours. Have all three if you want!

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