1. But he can't anymore and he's not active, and he couldn't even make the weight cut anymore. Size of him at the moment from all the steroids he's on to build up his leg strength

  2. He could make the weight cut for sure imo. It’s easy to drop muscle mass, hard to keep it. Being inactive though he won’t have his timing no way he lands like he needs to early

  3. Charles has gotten a bit odd lately. He acts like the entire world is against him but he has a substantial fan base here including myself. He's the people champ no doubt

  4. I don’t think it’s that odd, it’s probably a mentality that he likes going into fights with and it has worked for him so far

  5. I need to call out when he covers his frame rate drops when turning on ray-tracing he mentions multiple times that it's because the 3070 / 3000 series is far better at ray-tracing than the 2080ti / 2000 series this is WRONG!

  6. Damn I didn’t know this! I got a 3080 and a 3700x sounds like I could do with a cpu upgrade eventually since I do enjoy looking at pretty shiny reflections.

  7. Was thinking of getting the iPhone 14 this is the first I’ve heard that 15 is going usb c (haven’t really been paying close attention). So I think I will wait. On an 11 pro right now

  8. Glover is on his way out and this is his last opportunity to get a crack at the belt one more time. I wouldn't mind it looking at how he was winning that fight against Jiri on the scorecards until Jiri's hail Mary choke attempt. And it was literally the best title fight this year. I'm sure the fans wouldn't mind seeing it again before Glover takes off his gloves for the last time.

  9. I don’t think it’s fair calling it a Hail Mary choke it was near the end but it wasn’t like it was a crazy low percentage technique. Glover was basically gassed and jiri had time to just throw it on its more like he just out lasted him. I get people like glover but he already did get his late opportunity to grab the belt as a veteran and won it. Idk the main reason I’m not super hyped about it is if glover wins what’s the point if he’s just going to retire? Or if he stays we do the trilogy?

  10. Lol it’s kinda funny looks like he’s celebrating getting the draw

  11. First of all, what does the cardio even have to do with this? It's not like Masvidal stuffed 40 takedowns of Colby's but Colby was able to finally land because his relentless cardio let him keep shooting. Colby pretty much landed every other takedown lol. (EDIT: 6/15 so yeah pretty much every other TD)

  12. I agree with everything except the last part that 2022 masvidal is better than 2019 masvidal at stuffing and avoiding takedowns. Certainly having those wrestling camps would help with his technique but he has had a long mma career and has been training wrestling the whole time. He likely didn’t have that much room for improvement and the improvement he had were probably outweighed by his decline in athleticism. 3 years is a lot at his age/weight and we see older fighters become more susceptible to being out-wrestled a lot

  13. Lol sure. Imagine if idk Usman started talking about how much he loved Viking culture and how much he identifies with it and started carrying around a Viking axe or some shit, this sub would tear him apart but people are used to this strange fetishism of Japanese culture by white guys so you people see this as normal

  14. The difference is Usman is seen as cringe and Jiri is cool and weird. The right person with charisma 100% could do 100% do a Viking thing. Someone calling themselves the black Viking randomly would be hilarious

  15. It is basically true. What he did is worth almost nothing for scoring. The only thing it is good for would be making Usman think about the wrestling and perhaps get that stat to be the first one to take him down.

  16. He doesn’t get the love but he gets the respect imo. It’s also hard to compare volk/Charles to Usman right now where their career is. Volk just put a close to a trilogy to be definitively the best in the division. Charles had 3 impressive and exciting title fight wins. Usman has had those moments (prob the burns fight, maybe masvidal 2) where everyone was like damn this guy is on another level just like those guys are doing right now.

  17. I don’t think too many of those were wrestling take downs, looked to me like Muay Thai trips

  18. I also think Aljo gassing factored into him getting thrown around like that he was getting so sloppy

  19. Posed the pic for clout, like the little clout goblin I am.

  20. Didn’t he fight with the knee injury and dominate gane? Now days you usually come back stronger from knee surgeries too

  21. He didn’t dominate him he won 3-2 iirc. But also you have to look at how he won. He resorted to wrestling because he couldn’t land clean on Gane due to the knee injury making him less able to explode and close the distance. Now I’m sure it will be better when healed but it’s still something to keep in mind he’s not that young so it may not get back to 100%. If he can’t KO Jones he’s not going to wrestle fuck him and he’s not going to out point him on the feet.

  22. You need to realize the genetics of Francis. He has to cut weight to make it to 260 and is shredded. Jones looks terrible at this weight. It’s unlikely that he put on enough muscle to be able to handle ngannou on the ground if it comes to that

  23. I didn’t say that Jones would easily wrestle fuck Francis, just that he’s not going to get wrestle fucked himself.

  24. HWs fight until 40-41 years. He's not near to his career end.

  25. They are saying he should not be fighting at HW though so that doesn’t really apply

  26. Charles should just stop at this point. Either just be upfront and say that he does not give a shit about the belt and would like to fight a one legged Conor or fight for the belt against Islam

  27. Ideally this is the best scenario but in reality it makes no sense. The only way Charles gets the Conor fight is because it’s for the belt. Also idk what you mean by stop at this point he’s already signed to fight Islam. He’s just being upfront saying he was trying to get the Conor fight before but couldn’t he’s just being transparent

  28. Right lol bro I'm telling you MMA fans in general but especially reddit MMA fans are a special breed

  29. Reddit mma fans always clutching their pearls over shit talk

  30. I like Dustin either way. His boxing and footwork is the best in the division imo, so unless Chandler plans on taking him down (which he’s pretty much refused to do since coming over to the UFC) I think he’s in for a long night

  31. He hasn’t really refused to though. Hooker he was feinting level changes, but never shot. It was a short fight so whatever. Charles I can’t remember, I don’t think so though I only remember Charles shooting. He shot on Justin but was reversed/slammed, and he successfully took down Tony. So that’s 50% of his fights he’s tried to do some wrestling. Considering hooker fight was short and Charles’ bjj, I am definitely expecting him to at least try a take down on Dustin

  32. Oh guess I’m remembering it wrong. So Justin shot for the takedown? Or chandler did the shot and the slam?

  33. How are you keeping your botw save synced?

  34. Someone in here recommended syncthing. You basically choose a folder on your pc, share to deck, then on deck decide it’s location and it keeps both up to date. It was pretty simple to set up and I haven’t had any issues with it but the one downside is that it isn’t synced to the cloud or anything, it is synced directly from my pc to deck. Therefore if my steam deck is off or sleeping while I play on my pc, and then I turn off my pc before waking up my deck, it won’t have the newest save. Same the other way around. It is not too bad though if I just wake up my deck for one second while my pc is on the sync happens right away.

  35. Doesn't the Deck need to be in desktop mode in order to sync, too?

  36. Nope, all that stuff is still running in the background I guess because it syncs without needing to go back to desktop and when I do go back to desktop all the old stuff is open. You would have to run it again if you restart or shut off your deck though (or set it up to run on start up, I haven’t gotten around to that though as I haven’t even shut off my deck since setting it up, just put it to sleep)

  37. From an entertainment point of view it's more exciting. But considering fighter longevity and health I agree that it's not optimal.

  38. Yeah, I want fights to end in these situations but without the damage. Not really possible unfortunately

  39. This is how I'd like to see all Conor clips.

  40. The guy on TikTok who made it (I think) has an entire feed of Conor clips just like this I was scrolling through them this morning it really is the best way to view them

  41. This was Weidman too. The way they did his training was like 70% his next fight, 30% on Anderson Silva.

  42. This is why it would have been interesting to see khabib continue despite him looking so dominant

  43. She had the last one cleanly. She was definitely in the glove on the first omoplata though

  44. Yeah, she was grabbing the gloves blatantly more than once but it’s wrong to say she only had success off her back because she was cheating sometimes it was legit

  45. Never dropped never bled is like a catch phrase I hear it in every thread discussing khabib. Everyone’s gotta hear it first somewhere fair enough but I think most ppl are tired of hearing it

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