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  1. I'm probably going to go for C1 or C2 as a certified Nari simp, but it's super awesome to see that he doesn't seem to be constellation-locked kit-wise!

  2. I want the stats/scaling. We are getting everything except that😭

  3. Imagine Tighnari gets released on all live servers and it’s just a bunch of question marks in place of his talents and damage dealing numbers 🫥

  4. I’m done pretending that I don’t love Tighnari just because you don’t like him. I love him. I love his ears. I want to pet them and maybe nibble on them sometimes. His little outfit is so cute. I want to tug on his little cape and then get him to turn around and maybe kiss his forehead or little nose or maybe his lips if he’s okay with that. He’s my little tree boy and there’s nothing you can do to stop me from loving him. Nothing.

  5. desuladesu redemption arc 🙏

  6. You're being quite optimistic in thinking you were saying anything smart enough to constitute a discussion.

  7. Please mark suggestive fanart posts like this as NSFW. I’ve done it for you this time.

  8. Except you didn't create this, lmao

  9. Are there websites to find fanart? I use Twitter

  10. Saucenao, Tineye, Google Reverse Image Search.

  11. The rules in the sidebar stated to provide links to the original source of any fanart that is reposted to this subreddit, which you have not done.

  12. I'm going to be having a few select words with Hoyoverse if he isn't, after all the leaks and hints we've gotten.

  13. I am looking respectfully.

  14. There are only four more days before our subreddit's one year anniversary contest event comes to an end! Be sure to enter a submission before then for a chance to win Welkins and exclusive flairs.

  15. Your prediction was correct! You've now been permanently banned from this subreddit. Cheers.

  16. Our subreddit is one year old already! Celebrate with the Yae Publishing House and win Welkins and exclusive flairs!

  17. These are absolutely amazing! We here at the mod team are big fans of your works so we're honoured you've decided to take part in the contest!

  18. All aboard the hype train!

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