1. Chill out... you don’t even know if English is their first language.

  2. I will say, as someone who started with ME3, if I had played ME1 first in 2022 I’m not sure if I would have gotten very far. LE makes it feel a little more like a modern game but there are still a few hours at the beginning that feel slow where you get a little intro to the game but it’s mostly just running around. So, just hang in there if it feels slow, ME1 ended up being my favorite game! Also, if you get confused as there is a lot of lore and you’re just kinda thrown into it, I would definitely read some of the codex entries, which you will find in the menu. It’s a good way to learn about some of the lore in a spoiler-free way. Enjoy your new game!! :)

  3. Thank you! I absolutely love it when games provide a codex or encyclopedia to refer to. I will literally spend hours in the game just reading all of the information in the menus! 😂🤣 A slow beginning doesn’t really bother me much, it gives me time to get used to the feel and mechanics. Honestly, it’s when things get fast and it becomes hard to keep up. Games like My Time at Portia are really good at screwing you against time 😂 Nonetheless, I’ll definitely refer to the codex and try my best to keep up with everything. Thanks!

  4. Same! Reading the codex helped so much while I was playing 👌

  5. You look great! And I feel the caption lol

  6. Definitely not the shit load of states that have abstinence only education 🙄🙄

  7. Bearded dragons shouldn’t be housed together. I would get a second tank as soon as possible.

  8. Why? Banks work the same way. You have to make a certain amount of transactions per month or they charge a maintenance fee.

  9. That’s why you should use a credit union

  10. Are females similar to leopard geckos in that they require much more calcium in their diet and are there issues regarding egg laying and does stuck sperm happen regular? I will research more but just something I forgot to ask at pet shop. Thank you for your reply

  11. Eh idk if it’s much more than males. You do just need to supplement their diet a few times per week and make sure they have proper UVB. It is an issue if they start laying eggs too early though because they will become calcium deficient. For sperm plugs it’s not often, it would be like once a year max during mating season. You would just have to check the vent around that time, and some of the time you would know to check if you find like little clumps of gooey stuff in the enclosure.

  12. Okay thank you so much for your help!

  13. No problem, lmk if you have any other questions! Good luck :)

  14. I loveeeee, what kind of toad is he?

  15. Those are the femoral pores. You might need to clean them out. Here is an article about them

  16. Wow this is very thorough. Thanks for the information!!

  17. If you can I would try getting powdered bee pollen and sprinkling it on veggies. A lot of beardies (mine included) with eat anything with bee pollen on it

  18. Miranda. Everyone hates her but she’s easily bae. In ME2 yeah she seems heartless but spend that time with her and she’s not. I loved learning how human she really was. Then in ME3 it was crazy knowing that I was gonna save the galaxy but also worried about Miranda and willing to throw any mission to the side if it meant saving her.

  19. Kinda surprised at the two first comments being Miranda ngl

  20. DEFINITELY remove the red light and get a tube (not bulb) UVB that covers 1/2-3/4 of the tank. A good UVB light is ReptiSun 10.0 T5

  21. Sometimes it’s hard to identify and/or treat something like this especially when the beardie is so young and from a pet store. My first guess would be b1 deficiency if it’s not a genetic problem, make sure he’s getting plenty of fresh leafy greens because that will help with a b1 deficiency. Other than that just make sure you have the basics of lightning down like uvb and a heat lamp that gets up to 100-105 Fahrenheit. Hope you can help this little guy!

  22. I appreciate the tip about specific vitamin deficiency, we will do our best to at least have him make it through the night

  23. Yeah looks like shed. Might want to give a warm bath to help.

  24. My favorite category is sustainability! I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and hope to work in renewable energy when I graduate. This topic has some cool videos.

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