1. Roosters are scary, they’ll puff up to twice their size and stare at you before they attack.

  2. We’ve got a couple of R words right there, you can tell they’re Rs because they don’t want the Covid vaccine. Case closed.

  3. Explanation: Truck had aftermarket wheels with extended studs, causing the lugs to bottom out when he tried to bolt on the spare. Solution: He used wrenches as a “spacer” to get it on & drive it to the shop.

  4. It’s called taking care of business, it may suck but it’s better than being broke.

  5. Is it time to put a legitimate plate on my gypsy cab? Asking for a friend.

  6. Cool video and plant but Aloe Vera is an old school snake oil.

  7. I heard from a friend that she as a TA makes $11,000 a year. She’s at school for 4 hours a day every day, in class or supervising students at recess, tutoring students, helping them when they fight or get hurt. It’s an absolute disgrace how underpaid some of the most important people in our society—the people who help care for our children—are.

  8. I think Cleetus wouldn’t mind the press he gets from a lawsuit.

  9. Tbh I’m surprised they havnt yet. I know Disney hit one of the people the boosted boys used to roll with over his civic named the grinch.

  10. I’m sure some suit in McDonalds is aware of this cars existence. Oh well. I’m a huge fan of Lenco transmissions, I think this stang will be a destroyer.

  11. Guy better hurry up - there are 700-1000 Russian soldiers dying in Ukraine per day and he's the only one helping.

  12. That model starting is 80K. With this one it's well more than that with the mods. And then you fuckin crash it?! Stupid sons a bitches 🤦🏾‍♀️

  13. Wet road… check. High performance, rear wheel drive car… check. Worn summer performance tires… check. Spectator with a camera… check. Traction control fully off… check.

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