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  1. Ive realized tthat this government doesn't care about us.

  2. I’ve always been curious if minorities as a group just took it upon themselves to be armed collectively. I wonder what the response would be?

  3. Dude come on now don’t be like this, let people enjoy their games away they want in their imagination. Isn’t that the whole point mods?

  4. Ok, let me help you bud since you seem to be struggling with it a bit. So let’s say in the current Arc, If yamcha banged his hand on the ground and said I don’t wanna be weak anymore, then developed a power up that made him stronger than Beerus and randomly teleports to Gas and one shots him, with Toriyama saying that he finds it funny that’s why he wanted it to happen, would you be ok with that?

  5. … how is that good ? That makes the entire writing of Dragon Ball irrelevant regarding training.

  6. Welcome to the fanbase, they can’t like good writing because they can’t understand it. Just consume…

  7. Fallout has more potential than your average video game in my book. Mainly because Fallout has a rich world that the show can tell its own story in using its own characters instead of just being a film version of a specific game or following a character that has already been defined. It will make it more accessible to non-players and help them avoid upsetting players.

  8. Like seriously, the setting alone has so many crazy things that you could possibly create all completely original that has nothing to do at the games. All they have to do is make sure they get that tone right, its a satire type of series with some serious stuff

  9. Does that really matter though? Like that’s so minor lol

  10. What if Anakin didn’t turn, but helped Mace kill Palpatine. I think eventually the Jedi become too power hungry and wind up ruling the galaxy until Anakin realizes they’re evil and he + Obi-wan take down the council.

  11. What the hell, there is no way the Jedi would become evil. Anakin is the one with too much hatred in is heart and is susceptible to killing innocent people. The more likely scenario is that after the war Anakin keeps on trying to start fights because he can’t exist without a conflict, eventually becoming evil and having to be put down.

  12. Apart from her morality, I noticed a theme which might manifest or might not but here it goes. Annie throughout the series has had a blind spot with her privilege. The first time I noticed it was the conversation with A-Train where he tells her that "People who say money is not everything always had it". Then this season asked Ashley to be human, but Ashley replies that "she's scared" with Annie failing to see how her supe status puts her at an advantage. And finally with Stan telling her that true power isn't this ✋. So I'm excited to see how Annie will use social media and embrace the power she does hold. Will she be able to wield it correctly, does she have more to learn or is it even the right thing to do and will it conflict with her morals.

  13. Holy shit you’re actually one of the few people who realize this, I’m actually kind of impressed.

  14. If you watch your surroundings you'll sometimes see Indians on cliffs watching you from afar with binoculars.

  15. Same It never did for me either. I felt so utterly bored but still beat it. I need more then a bunch of words from an unemotive robotic npc to get me interested in a character, or the world. But if you get the gameplay right, I can usually find some type of enjoyment regardless of the story quality.

  16. Its a garbage form. Goku black used the concept better lol

  17. Fascism is always a circular firing squad, in the end.

  18. I can never understand why it always comes back no matter how hard we try to purge it.

  19. Funny because I’m the opposite, I couldn’t finish new Vegas as it was so boring, but I’m really enjoying my fallout four play through on modded survival

  20. Tell me you’re toxic without telling me you’re toxic. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. I guarantee, with absolute certainty, that you aren’t black. I bet your like Rachel Dolezal or something lol. Anything else you want to describe about the “black experience” you know so much about?

  22. You don’t, I could already tell that your not. Keep it up, maybe eventually you will figure out what you want to be. Good luck on your journey fool.

  23. It's really telling when Joltzdude quit playing it so quickly. I skipped the launch after BL3's disappointment but I'm considering getting it on sale just for 1 playthrough.

  24. It all depends on the person, for me I don’t give a crap about borderlands story because I never viewed them as good. In fact all the borderlands stories are pretty poor

  25. Maybe Vader hires Boba to hunt down and finish Mace, and the end result is why in Empire Vader tells him "no disintegrations"

  26. It’s kind of impossible for Boba to compete with someone like Mace. He would body Boba and Vader alone.

  27. Except Boba nearly killed Mace when he was like fifteen

  28. Everyone is capable of killing anyone through unsuspecting attacks. This mace would be very cautious, vigilant, and untrusting towards anyone.

  29. Honestly at this point I’m starting to suspect it’s a little bit of that. The vitrol aimed at that that character is annoying, he’s bad but people seem personally offended by him. Also this sub is getting a large influx of right wingers or maybe they have always been here, idk but thats also a problem. Just got a tolerate it my dude, let the trash the trash.

  30. This is very exciting. I hope this takes place post Rise of Skywalker and focus on the universe moving forward, and not dwell on the past.

  31. I would be down for at least 500 years in the future, maybe even more.

  32. Good place to make Grogu a hero in the story.

  33. Honestly dude, I want it completely detached from previous Star Wars characters. No fated chosen ones, no force ghosts from previous characters, no random remembrances of characters from the past. I want it completely disconnected.

  34. Do not buy into the lie about black on black crime.

  35. It literally has always been poverty, I don’t understand any other stupid reason that people invent to criticize groups of people.

  36. I definitely think ER was lucky that Cyberpunk was the disaster it was. ER was definitely a mess on release but definitely not as bad as Cyberpunk so that meme remained

  37. We couldn’t even use a full archetype of weapons because the scaling on them was broken

  38. I hope they elaborate more on the story and style of quests, all the info they provided is super basic stuff present in most bethesda games.

  39. RDR2 is horribly paced. I love narrative games but I constantly start and stop with this one because they decided that 100 hours is a fine run time for a story.

  40. Now your just trolling. Imagine if half way through the story you start playing as Micah, in a flashback… If the last of us 2 started with abby and in the middle killed Joel and then the rest of the story is Ellie killing the people you spent the first half of the game getting to know it would’ve been way better.

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