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  1. Hows the taste and smell on this one? I love Zkittlez strains

  2. It was super loud, super dense and curvy and honestly had that classic Klutch flower appearance. Tastes just like classic zkittles from the three or four that I’ve experienced. It wasn’t the strongest flower I’ve had from the program but I think a zip was $190 on the sale day so I’m just waiting for it to pop back up. That, the super glue smalls and the GG4 smalls from Verano it’s a if I can get it I buy it

  3. Wow I had no idea that 2.8 was 600 mg.of THC! Thanks so much!!

  4. I’ve also posted how to make cannasugar as well the correct way, put it in literally anything

  5. Can I get this? I couldn’t find it easily on your profile. Thanks I’m advance!

  6. So make green dragon the appropriate way, freeze your AVB, freeze your 90+ proof alcohol, use as little alcohol as you can for the extraction, combine and shake then filter out the plant material using a funnel and coffee filter. Makes actual real green dragon that is clear, contains almost no chlorophyll, and is flavorless. Next get a nonstick pan, pour in your green dragon, add sugar until it looks like wet sand. Mix with spatula. Put in front of a fan until the alcohol smell goes away usually a couple hours. Mix intermittently. Once the alcohol vaporizes off you will have water-sugar-THC in your still wet sand appearing mixture. Turn your oven to 190F. Put in the top shelf. If you properly extracted your green dragon using the minimum amount of alcohol this usually only takes two hours until you are left with crystal white infused sugar that is odorless, tasteless, potent, and most importantly shelf stable. Take the chunks of dry sugar out of the pan and micronize as finely as possible with a food processor. Keep away from light and in a dry environment and it can stay stable for over a year. Source: am a chemist

  7. Their forbidden runtz were fire and I got an ounce for 210 so I’ll respectfully disagree

  8. I’m just sayin this sub may as well become a trulieve fan sub and a place to show off rosin I guess… not much else goes on here

  9. So RickMoreAnus runs into my living room where I’m “playing” Russian roulette with my son. He screams IM THE SPIDER UNDER YOUR BED dances around a little bit does that little “I did it smile” that little rascal is known for and just bam puts his fucking head right through my window. So now I have to explain to the police why I’m holding a revolver full of blanks with a dead Moreanus in my living room with spiders crawling out his ass

  10. once upon a time George III got a little case of the god complex... 🙃

  11. Just FYI delta 8 will get you high but realize there’s 1) no long term safety studies vs. delta 9 which has been used for 1000s of years 2) in studies where researchers simply went and bought d8 only 10% was actually unadulterated d8. The rest was either Chinese research chemicals (k2), d8 at over or under labeled amount, and a good amount contained heavy metals, pesticides, etc. TLDR: yeah things labeled d8 will prolly work but it’s not worth just using, just use trusted d9

  12. Thanks for your reply! I'm shocked at hearing these stats. I'll do some research on D9

  13. Use your drills cordless chuck. Tighten it up and reverse.

  14. Yes. I'm glad I stuck to CDC. You guys might not like it but they saw all this coming and adjusted accordingly

  15. I’m trying to figure out a way to mount my scope off to the side a bit, it’s top eject, so the scope is in the way of the spent casings, any advice?

  16. You can buy picattany offset scope mounts. But what you have there is a scout scope on top of a cantilever mount on a lever action. You’re going to have to add padding to the stock in order to get even a relatively decent attempt at getting eye level. What you could just do is buy the proper rings for that scope

  17. Ok, I’m new to scopes, I’ve only ever used iron sights

  18. One last thing some scout scopes have extra long eye relief and that could be an option as well. Check out

  19. At least we will see less undercover post pretending to be customers.

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