1. It was probably the stupid classic Marine Corp uniformity over functionality rules. They probably had a few guys still rocking the old m16s

  2. Ah ok, I figured I just didn’t have the genetics for MPB cause I got testing analysed on Promethease and on there it just said “You won’t go bald”, so I assumed that meant I was immune, but maybe it’s just saying I’m highly resistant to it.

  3. Single point, 2 point, 3 point, sniper sling? What would you recommend and how to mount?

  4. Single point in the trigger guard. It’s safe trust me.

  5. Cocaine can definitely stimulate you and replace caffeine. Not sure if it’s healthier though.

  6. Can also try meth if you want more bang for buck. You’ll have energy for hours instead of 30-45 mins.

  7. Same thing was happening to me. I tried all the tricks clearing cache, run in admin even reinstalled the game. Still nothing. I eventually rerolled my video card drivers to the older version and it worked out fine.

  8. It might be a firmware problem. I’ve had my orochi for a while now and I recent had a few instances where it would spin out mid game. This was on two separate pads one was a shidenkai and a “Norse god” pad.

  9. You could try lining the inside of the spacebar with a thin sheet of foam.

  10. It’s hot garbage games are too long. Load times in between matches add what feels like 3-5 minutes to each game. Respawn times are ridiculously long. If you get killed right before the slam the rift disappears and your stuck in game until the time runs out. The experience bonuses do not work. It’s a fluster cuck.

  11. This happens to me on pc. Just open the tower map and port back in.

  12. I’d pick the strider over the hien. The strider’s stitching is more uniform and gives you equal glide on both x and y axis. The hien is awesome for side to side movement but it’s a tad bit annoying if you have to aim higher or lower. The hien can also be a bit abrasive on the skin sometimes. The LGG mercury is also a good option but I feel the glide is not nearly as good as the hien or strider.

  13. Chris proctor stated there would have to be a super compelling reason outside of just we want to bring it back. Basically seemed to me there would need to be a story purpose.

  14. Why? If I remember correctly there wasn’t story purpose for it disappearing

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