1. Can you elaborate? I’m unaware of this looming first sergeant issue?

  2. Same, I feel like we could push the symposium instructional material to ALS or NCOA. Most of what the First sergeant dies should be getting taken care of by first line supervisors/NCOICs.

  3. RF is a very broad career field, likely the broadest of the 4 shreds in 5C. As we move forward it sounds like RF will be doing a bit more traditional cyber to secure our weapon systems. Sec+ is looking like it will become a requirement in the near term so your unit will likely cover the cost of getting that certification.

  4. I hate that everything is "cyber" we need to differentiate between cyber and IT support but the world doesnt want to hurt people's feelings and call them "support". Everything is cyber now. Plug in a printer? Cyber. Fix email? Cyber.

  5. I've gotten mods to work via r2modman but only in desktop mode. I havent been able to figure out how to get it to work in gaming mode

  6. I've tried using r2modman in desktop mode, but still no luck. No matter what I do they never show up. How did you get it to work?

  7. Which version are you using? There should be an appimage version on the thunderstore that works with the steam deck

  8. And completely wrong. "Metroidvania" was a criticism of Castlevania because the series evolution was to rip off ideas from Metroid.

  9. So then colloquially that comment is correct which I'm pretty sure is what OP was getting at.

  10. It's still misusing a word in its opposite meaning. Like when people say "peruse" when they mean "barely glanced". It actually means to exhaustively run through something.

  11. Again it would appear that OP is looking for the colloquial definition, so your comments aren't particularly helpful despite being insightful and providing a historical context for the use of the term.

  12. I'd point out two things to these senior leaders:

  13. Not to mention with the DEOCS, if you're a female above the grade of like E3/4 its pretty easy to figure out who you are.

  14. From the DEOCS out briefs I’ve been a part of that discriminatory information isn’t presented with the comments. It’s just a list of comments associated to the questions being answered.

  15. That's good to hear, I've seen some concerning trends in past units where certain members of leadership were able to attribute certain comments to a specific person. May have been tone or something in the comments themselves, but it certainly doesn't inspire faith in the anonymity of the DEOCS.

  16. "tons of time where you aren't doing anything except probably surfing reddit and/or Facebook."

  17. One of the best things we can do, imo, is include feedback/ratings from subordinates and peers. It's easy to feel leadership into thinking your shit hot and it's a bit more difficult to fool your peers and it's really difficult to fool your subordinates.

  18. Incorrect again but nice try. I can assure mine look better. I don’t like when people sit on their asses all year, scramble to write something last minute and make it sound like they’re the hardest worker in the force. Part of this is also because their supervisor doesn’t want to look bad for not holding them accountable.

  19. I think the bigger issue is what you stated in your op. Not everyone has to be a leader, yet we groom everyone to be leaders while simultaneously not holding them accountable because of their feelings or career might get hurt

  20. The game is absolutely worth it. I've loved it even before 1.5 fixed a bunch of stuff and it's only gotten better since then

  21. "Guidance outside of the normal “read the board charge and Guardian Ideal” should be shared/produced. Because without it we’ll lose the trust of even diehard supporters."

  22. Yup the tried and true keep doing what you're doing. If you don't know just say that.

  23. How do you get past it feeling so random? I want to like it, but unlike other roguelikes, I feel like a have very little control over how each run develops.

  24. Once you unlock artifacts you can make it less random. Honestly, I like how random each run is though. It makes it more engaging imo. Using multishops and the cauldrons makes it a bit less random too

  25. This is incorrect. If you eat in a minor deficit and consume enough protein, your body will dip into fat reserves to build muscle as long as you have enough spare body fat. Jeff Nippard has some great videos on this.

  26. I did not say it's not possible, I said it will not be ideal which is absolutely correct. You will build more muscle in a surplus than you would in a minor deficit, that is just a physiological fact.

  27. Your body can use stored fat as the surplus. The study I linked demonstrates this.

  28. Any idea what shred? More than likely you'll be assigned to Colorado. There are billets elsewhere, but there are not as many outside of Colorado

  29. No idea what shred yet, all I know is I got 5C031 and I leave next Sunday. I’m guessing I find out what shred late in BMT? Or is that something they do at tech school?

  30. Not sure how the shredout process works tbh. Either way, more than likely you'll be in colorado

  31. Cool? What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this post? Nobody here gives a shit

  32. Based on what you've said the steam deck sounds like the better option here.

  33. I don't understand. You can right click and select extract and tell it where to extract the BIOS to. Do you not have ark installed? It should be on the deck by default

  34. Try google. Passing out where to get copyrightee material can get the sub shut down

  35. Ranger School is a leadership course. And if the USSF needs anything, it's better leaders in the enlisted ranks.

  36. Holy shit yes. The amount of nonsense I see from middle manager space folks is entirely too much. They have no concept of how to lead or manage without a checklist spelling it out for them.

  37. As a fella who built delta 13, I can say that our initial approach was “if the Army can send most of its Majors to IDE, we should be able to,” and “why make it competitive?” We got shot down.

  38. It's pretty neat how leadership continually finds ways to not be bold and change things up

  39. So do I. I work full time, have 2 kids, a dog and a wife while still trying to work on my degree and somehow I managed to find the time to conduct a simple search that resolved 99% of the questions I had regarding emulation on the steam deck.

  40. I'm a console gamer and emulating stuff is really not that complicated. Especially now that we have Emudeck doing a majority of the heavy lifting for you. Sounds like you're too lazy to put in any effort to learn something new and then came here to complain about it.

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