1. Well that's just gonna make more protestors...

  2. I hereby call for myself to be installed as Supreme Lord of the Galaxy.

  3. All hail Supreme lord shill, lord of the galaxy(which galaxy? No idea was not specified)

  4. Well, note to self, put in living will: if in coma blast metal music all the time. Variety please.

  5. $600 has been the threshold to report income to IRS for years. I've had to report it for my geology tours. If I receive more than $599 in a year for the tours I'd have to report it. Crying about is sad. You want funds for your state? Pay the taxes. And if you have an issue look at what people pay

  6. Minimum taxes are absolutely necessary in todays time but giving up 27% of your pay is beyond bullshit when you consider you also have to the pay taxes on everything you buy. But you know atlest my road gets paved every 15 years and then I also get ummm I also get shoot hang on ohh that’s right I get government building that are set up to over charge me on utility’s. Oh yea but we have police to save me oh that’s right I’ve never called the cops but once in my life and they never showed up but thank god they are there to give me a ticket for swerving across the center line because I swatted a bee.

  7. The problem is the top. In Texas the lowest income pay about 13% while the high income pay 3.1%. This is it right there. The rich that can easily pay more into the system don't and they lobby the government to do it.

  8. Everyone expert in this thread making this seem unexpected and blaming it on poor racking design, buuuttttt…

  9. Oh I agree lol I had forklift training when I worked at lowes. Super fun but lots of responsibility

  10. I’m a forklift operator myself, definitely lots of responsibility, mainly in not running idiots over with it, I don’t deal with racking though, I’m a yardie, means I get to have some fun with beer cans I find on site

  11. I was building materials department, they always want shit off the top shelf. The stores main thing was to always park it properly so one takes a toe off when walking by it. I loved driving it at night after close.

  12. Yes. Before read and else's comments. Yes. Its a very good story and game play is fun. Good amount of extra stuff to do too.

  13. This is why I really hate religion. Straight up wrong and ignorant as fuck about too.

  14. Hemlock and nightshade are both natural plants too. Shall we make poisons legal?

  15. Is that real question? Do we consume it to get high like alcohol and weed?

  16. Only when not I'm context of the video supplied.

  17. Fucking dipshit gay fish spreading stupidity.

  18. So a metal that causes a reaction that transforms other species of atoms into that species of atom? It would be interesting

  19. Remove all leadership. Revolution needs to continue.

  20. There it is, he never was a patriot. Him and his cultists never cared about the constitution or what it stands for.

  21. That she is! She is also a scholar; having attained her master's in nutritional science, and becoming a pioneer in the field!

  22. Could link me to some of her work? I went to school for geology so I may have her of her before.

  23. For my makerbot it was warping because the air around the machine was too cold and make it contract upwards. I use masking tape on he bed then some glue stick on the tape where I will print. Haven't had the problem since.

  24. He would never go because he's a coward.

  25. Lack of education and appeal to ignorance. You're right, as a country USA and all its citizens should be against that nazi shit. Karl Popper was right though we tolerant people allow intolerant people exist within a group the intolerant ones will prevail because we the tolerant ones will but we should be tolerant to their beliefs of being intolerant.

  26. Nuclear family is a fantasy they came up with.

  27. 27 years and Republicans have only made Texas worse.

  28. Can’t convince them of that though, they think it’s better because they’re creating the hellscape they want. Or at least they think they want. They’ll find a way to make it not apply to them when they’re affected by their shitty laws.

  29. Oh I agree, been in texas a vast majority of my life. I've been here for all 27 of those years that they have been in power.

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