1. Stunning, love the detail at the end of the skirt

  2. Oh c’mon, no matter what team you’re on we all know Jess “the ultimate bad boy” Mariano wears the leather jacket best

  3. One of the things I look for in poetry is the striking phrase whose meaning is simultaneously pregnant with various allusions. "Pornography of sadness" caught my attention here. It instantly suggested a kind of wallowing in misery that people are quite susceptible to. The last three lines also demonstrate a certain finesse with line breaks. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The “No to the pornography of sadness” I understand, I’m curious your take away on the last lines, I’m not sure what to make of them

  5. Not necessarily, no. I’d consider it fairly tame….paired with some tight jeans and a pair of simple/ minimal detail boots or booties, I think you could create a cute outfit.

  6. The jewel thing - Im not even going to comment on

  7. What is the craze right now, if there is one?

  8. I can honestly say I don’t understand anything about this. What’s happening? ELI5

  9. Im gonna answer cause a kind soul did for me. Mascara is being used as a code word for sexual assault. She didn’t know (because how the hell would you?) and the word “cancelled” got throw around, because she said she didn’t feel bad he “had to share his mascara without permission”. Or soemthing.

  10. I was unaware of this code word, thank you for catching me up.

  11. I totally feel this. Christmas just about destroyed me. I tried so hard on focusing on how great it was to be with my family but remembering the consequences made it hard to stay in the moment.

  12. Be nice to teenagers and don’t give them shit for sleeping till 2pm

  13. I don’t know if it’s related but I sometimes get like this with anxiety. Like, the Christmas season always gives me anxiety because I have so much to do and plan for, so all through December I had the “energy” to go-go-go; including at night.

  14. I’ve totally had this, think it’s still lingering honestly….like my body is exhausted but my brain is wired

  15. I thought a Saturn return happened at 28 years

  16. It happened whenever transit Saturn entire your natal Saturn sign. What’s yours in?

  17. Same thing has been found through generations in the Northern Ireland conflict. (See research by Prof. Siobhan O'Neill)

  18. Would’ve been solid information to have before I pro created

  19. Take the street car from Union Station to the Bishop Arts station and walk around the Bishop Arts District, go to Lockharts for some famous Texas BBQ

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