what should men be allowed to do without being judged?

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  1. Hot Fuz The Heat. The proposal. Betty White was amazing.

  2. My children. I got really, really sick and was put in the icu. I was hooked up to all these tunes and wires and they were prepared to intubate me (I had pneumonia so bad I was septic). My kids came to see me. They were 11 and 9 and the fear that I saw in their eyes. My youngest grabbed my hand and said, "don't go mommy". I will never, ever make my kids that scared and hurt again.

  3. I love Halloween. Always have. I got to be just as weird as I wanted. When I had kids, I got to see them wave their freak flag, too. It's an awesome holiday. I hate that this year sucked so bad. I didn't even get to carve pumpkins.

  4. Have fucking feelings. Like guys can be sad and depressed, too. It doesn't make them less "manly".

  5. Yep. Started when I was just 4, though. Been trained all of my life to sacrifice myself for others. I don't mind most of the time. I love my family. I just wish it could be my turn every so often.

  6. I've got bad RA and frequent chronic migraines. I'm always at least a 4. I never get relief.

  7. Probably cleared out a bar with some of his biker buddies and is about to bitch slap a few cops. My dad is bad ass. And 5'2.5"

  8. I totally swore off dating when I left my abusive ex. My reason was because my mom had a constant string of men coming and going all of my life and I didn't want my kids growing up like me. It is possible to have a completely satisfying life as a single mother. Been 16 years for me and I'm reasonably happy. You take care of your kids. Your number one duty is to them. If boyfriend can't handle you being a devoted mom, he's not the kind of guy you want around your kids. Someone will come and give you the bright green flags you want and deserve. Just be patient and picky.

  9. Oh, you are sooooo NTA. Like so much. I would have flat out just lost it in a very very physical sense.

  10. This is terrible. Just terrible. I've sent it to my friend and my kids. We're all laughing at it. Thanks!

  11. Beautiful. Congratulations on finding your soul mate.

  12. NTA. You need to look out for the rest of the family. Bed bugs are ridiculously hard and expensive to get rid of and they will all appreciate not introducing them back into their homes! Youngest needs to take it way more seriously.

  13. To be fair, I should have probably asked about it sooner. I knew ex and bonus mom were coming sometime soon, but I wasn't sure when. I decided I'd inquire after I got Saturday's itinerary for the competition and since we were driving at the time. Youngest said he thought oldest would but hadn't asked. Oldest doesn't normally volunteer information and I honestly thought he'd do what he was supposed to do. That's my bad.

  14. I got sick. The nerve that connects my brain to my stomach just stopped working. Now everything from about mid esophagus down is paralyzed. I can only keep down solid food once or twice a week. I just have gag protein shakes to try and get any calories I can. I still cook for my kids, but it's rare that I can join in. I even miss salads. Weird right?

  15. What about soup, juice and smoothies?

  16. Texture is a real problem now. It triggers my gag reflex so fast I don't have time to swallow and it's not always certain what texture will work. Juices and smoothies are chock full of sugar. I have moderately severe RA, too, and sugar triggers major inflammation. Plus I'm literally allergic to most raw fruits and veggies. No kidding. Mellons, strawberries, celery, even pineapples and blueberries. It blows.

  17. There's surgeries that do those things its not worth a soul 😆 😆

  18. Depends on if you're willing to go through the pain of said surgeries. Never underestimate a pussy.

  19. 13 when a teacher raped me in his office. 18 when I met my (now ex) husband.

  20. I'm at 300mg now. It took about 6 weeks for it to level out in my system.

  21. Wtf is wrong with masterbating? Honestly, what's the problem? You're touching yourself, not someone else. Seriously, this is crazy. Sometimes, you just want to achieve an orgasm and you don't want to bother with someone else's needs every damn time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting yourself off from time to time. If it's like an absolute must have every single day or multiple times a day, yeah, yeah that could be a problem. But every once in a while? No. There's something deeper going on here.

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