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  1. As someone that got a vasectomy at 28 as prevention from children.. you have to really think about yourself dude. Since you got a vasectomy reversal, you need to ask yourself a very important question: Did you do it to make her happy, or did you do it for you, and Do YOU want children? There are underlying issues here that you need to think about, you should think about your life and what it would be like if you keep doing these fertility treatments and jizzing in a cup absurdity.. You have to ask yourself these questions, you did what you could.. The biological clock is a pop culture lie, there is nothing (biologically speaking) but FOMO that SOME women get when they see other women with children, and then romanticize this life that they have no idea what is about. There is nothing biological about the biological clock go to your closest university and talk to any biologist or doctor.. it has been proven many times that it is more of social pressure construction thing than anything else. And if she has social media and watches all these "happy mothers" everywhere forget about it. Good luck man.

  2. La verdad viejo.. está pesada la situación.. el mundo en el que nosotros vivmos y sobretodo el futuro que nos espera está bastante ominoso. Yo estoy tomando una clase de sociología sobre los grandes conflictos del siglo XX y la verdad está pesadísimo cuando te ponés a pensar sobre todas las cosas que han pasado y las vidas que le han costado a la humanidad. Morir a manos de otros por una ideología diferente o por razones imperialistas. Empecemos por Latino América y su interminable violación de derechos humanos. Una tragedia la verdad. Hay que sacar fuerza no sé de dónde.. yo mismo me pregunto cómo hacerlo. Es pesado loco, la vidad hay que vivirla dicen y bueno cuál es mi otra opción?

  3. Americans are basicallyEuropean rednecks too ok?!

  4. “Terrible English” let me hear English speakers speak anything else.. I don’t know why they are so self righteous for this easy, recycled, repetitive, redudant, joke of a genderless language

  5. A lot of Spanish. And still you got the idiots that get mad when people speak Spanish around here. Guess what we’ve been here the longest

  6. Are vegetarians gay? Is this what this means? I don’t understand

  7. It can truly be mind bending sometimes with boomers. My parents accepted no problem that I decided to get a vasectomy, but my father in law cried in front of me, babbling that a family needs children to be complete. He knew he wasn’t a good father and wanted a chance with grandkids. The old man can’t understand that he got a couple of decades left to live and the world he grew up in CERTAINLY aint the world of today..

  8. “HiSPanIcS & CaThOliCS hAVe TOo maNy ChILdREn”

  9. I think there might be an underlying issue that you’re not being clear about though. Leaving someone over porn? Threatening to leave you if the therapist sided with you sounds a bit much

  10. As a former catholic I don't know why catholics are always picked on when protestants make up the majority of folks in the US. Catholics only make up about 17% of people in the world as well if anyone accuses me of being US-centric. Just a bugaboo of mine when protestants are running the show but catholics take all the blame due to being well organized.

  11. It is because this is a Protestant country funded by white anglo Protestant Puritans. Therefore, there had always been an anti Catholic sentiment since the nascent stages of this country. The Irish struggle will tell you all, same thing with Italians who are majorly Catholic and Hispanics as welll.

  12. My thought is you don't. You don' have sex with the same person over time.

  13. that is called theory of physical continuity or you can also look of "The Ship of Theseus"

  14. Why do I feel this looks like a 90’s picture.. Or is it just me?

  15. English commentators lack a soul therefore most of the times they are pretty boring. Except Peter Drury

  16. Hi fellas, I have an idea to improve saccer. Automatic rifles. Nuff said.

  17. Ayayay el pueblo hispano no entiende que la supuesta democracia es peor en el “primer mundo”

  18. Children ruin absolutely everything. They’re a money pit.

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