1. That is accurate, but any direct medical opinion is going to be better than "well only 14% of people who fell the way you do broke their foot, so as an internet stranger with no idea if you even have two legs, I'm going to diagnose your leg not broken".

  2. have you forgotten which sub you're on? lots of the males on here love to accuse women of being sub-par, using "statistics".

  3. i was assaulted by a married man who was definitely not married to me. then got slut shames in court for being willing to take it that far.

  4. yup. i was already leaning nihilist. this sub helps reinforce that.

  5. my great-grandparents on mum's side definitely had an arranged marriage. great grandpa randomly upped and left and we never know the guy (I don't know anything about the dude other than the fact he existed at one point because I do).

  6. It’s possible to want to be with your same partner the rest of your life, but pretty much every long relationship reaches a point where one or both parties feel like fucking other people, but are usually too afraid to bring it up with one another

  7. or just, ya know, old age and decreasing hormones.

  8. Yet stay in one, and however are quick to dismiss us when we show shyness or social awkwardness. Weird, huh? 🤷‍♂️

  9. sunk cost fallacy is a real problem. Or "better the devil you know" kinda thing

  10. In a dating context..I dress smartly. I wear good aftershave. I hit the gym 6 days a week. I practice making small talk...this dors not negate the fact that I'm bald ugly 5ft6 and little to no social skills and no amount of practice has changed that. I'm only sociable when I take drugs or drink but that's not my authentic self so its cheating. I too was raised to be a hard working man with good moral standards..that doesn't change my low iq though

  11. social skills is called a "skill" for a reason, I've realised. i only learnt to become good at small talk through "trial by fire" ie I got a job in retail. Turns out I learnt best when I had a paycheck on the line.

  12. probably depends on the person. i'm ADD (possibly ASP) so my skills needed to be honed around "conversation rules". I can read expressions and body language fine so my skill needed to be developed around how to act when there are certain "signs".

  13. apparently you can buy recreations of perfumes worn by Marie Antoinette at Versailles gift shop now :)

  14. might be true but I only comment in women's specific ND subs - I quit the others a loong time ago, ya there are guys in these subs but I get zero support from the women there as well.

  15. could be a cultural thing too. and possibly generational thing. boomers and asian cultures tend to be a bit more sexist re standards.

  16. Sandalwood is not what I think of when I think cloying. Cedar, maybe. Sandalwood is so light (to me, personally) and shines in the warmer months. You won’t catch me wearing By the Fireplace in any kind of heat though lol

  17. my favourite perfume is a slightly more intense version of "by the fireplace" [sad face]

  18. Yes but she will get icks and bad behaviour with the guy she settles with anyway

  19. weird thing about love goggles, it makes you overlook the icks.

  20. That's how i feel every time i ask a girl out in public. They always next time bring their bf's with them and show them off in front of me. And the guys arent even better looking than me but oh well im never good enough to find someone for me but just hurt me and get my hopes up.

  21. cold approach isn't really a thing in 2023 though. closest to cold approaching anyone these days is using an app. otherwise meeting someone is usually more done via friends' circles etc.

  22. Well what happens when you don't have a social circle any friends 0 family 0 friends?

  23. judging by the "new immigrants" at my office - most signed up to the social clubs for staff that the office set up and met people that way. others did it by joining local sports teams.

  24. neurodivergent types are more likely to like spending time on reddit

  25. you don't HAVE to do those things, judging by my coworkers - most only really do 2 out of those three things.

  26. well yeah, those weren't marriages of love. they were arranged marriages at a time women couldn't apply for divorce herself.

  27. one of my favourite "aunts" growing up was a little old lady who fits that description perfectly. wonderful lady, big part of the community.

  28. Maybe so. Watching my fellow neurodivergent man suffer so much, what sweet souls imprisoned in their own minds. I’ll continue to hold my arms open for them should that find their way to me.

  29. it's sweet you care. frankly i'd get a job as a therapist if i were you. might as well get paid for it if you're good at it and it's something you like doing.

  30. Haha haven’t gone even a year without someone suggesting I become a therapist.

  31. worth a shot. apparently there's a shortage in therapists as it is, so you've got good chances of getting hired.

  32. or a porn addiction and you've been doing it too much

  33. I believe PIED generally isn't an issue while watching porn, only with a partner that can't live up to the unrealistic expectations set by porn. His hormones are a more likely culprit if he is not on any other medication, modern diets and lifestyles have been a disaster for the endocrine system and the level doctors have been diagnosing low testosterone is dropping; an increasing number of men require trt, but a decreasing number are qualifying for it now, when they would have in the past.

  34. i wasn't referring necessarily to the porn itself. apparently you can kill sensitivity/nerves in that area if you twist the turkey neck too much/often.

  35. how close are you to campus? when i was at uni, i signed up to every single club that sounded interesting on club open day. i went to each one until i found one i liked enough to stick with.

  36. IT problems - I suck at fixing it, so it's nice to have someone also in the office to fix it for me.

  37. As a man I can say I just want a best friend I can fuck for the rest of my life.

  38. mine too. it's the kind of healthy relationship my parents have.

  39. that sounds like a bad company. my job lets me give my opinions as much as I want - and i'm still on probation.

  40. only in the sense i found a really good job agency that let me chronically "job-hop" until I found one I liked.

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