1. Yeah because there is no tutorial for rader. WT is unkind game

  2. They need a separate server. They don't even try to use english. So shameful

  3. Please fix god damn economy and repair costs

  4. you left out the part where napalm now will actually be useful

  5. I know. But do they have to reduce the rewards?

  6. I don't understand why people think everybody should get premium account when in comes to the reward. It's a free game.

  7. Totally agreed. That always makes me blind

  8. This is why fpe and parts should be free

  9. Yeah because there are getting more and more vehicles to research but the reward remains the same.

  10. ?? tier 1-4 are researched ultra fast, especially After the last 2 Economy Updates and the Huge RP and SL requirement Nerfs. Just play and have fun.

  11. Lol, just play and have fun? How can we have fun with a shit reward?

  12. Definitely the last shot was gaijined + russian bias

  13. I think this just gonna be the obstacle of researching ah-1z.....

  14. Radkamp only has a 200%~ rp multiplier but getting kills with no caps, no assists, and low activity time means you get less. Also as a free to play player not sure what you expected here. The grind is always longer unless you pay…

  15. That map had only 2 caps. Also assist doesn't meaningful now since they nerfed every reward

  16. If you play the game regularly, you need premium, as much as it pains me to say

  17. But before they nerf reward I could research every vehicles without premium.... the reward system has serious problem now

  18. First, colors too dark. Second, they do not have como on wheels

  19. how long did it take you? I play since september of last year (premium since christmas) and am not even at the first helicopter.

  20. It took exactly a month. I have no premium account and premium heli. I think I played heli pve 4~5hours a exhausted

  21. I started from 0! I destroyed countless bases with my ah-1g before gaijin nerf the reward of destroying base... Also tip: u can get additional reward of using previous vehicle and researching modifications.

  22. Hey its an awful grind but it's playable. Which is more than it used to be. At least no one is shooting Vikhirs at you.

  23. Instead that Vikhirs eat everything so that there is nothing left to do

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