This Irish supermarket has quiet evenings for sensitive people.

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  1. Thank you for your response. And you're right. I should have looked. But at the same time, it's just really crappy that you even have to do that when you put so much trust into someone like that. It just goes to show that you have to be vigilant no matter where you are or what you're doing. Always assume people will make a mistake.

  2. I’ve never seen Amazon use anything larger than a normal pallet. Do you only have standard doors on this office? How do get the rest of the mail in there?

  3. Yes only standard doors. We have rolling equipment for priority mail and flats that allows us to bring the regular mail inside.

  4. One full day as in 6am to 10pm? Landing in KEF?

  5. Landing in KEF. Landing late Feb 8, full day in Iceland on Feb 9 and flying out late afternoon on Feb 10.

  6. Thank you for all your suggestions! Really appreciate it! I hope your first trip to Iceland is an amazing one!

  7. I dont know what cucumber spindrift it but this post made me chuckle a bit. You wanted to try it and ended up with 22 cans?:D

  8. Ugh so the only way to purchase this flavor was to buy a 24 pack and well, that didn't work out so well, so here we are. 😂

  9. Just got my prime card this month. Must not have any yet, it says, “The offer you are attempting to access is not available for the card account you entered. If you have another account, please try signing in using that card's information.”

  10. Then I'd probably conclude that you don't qualify since you are so new of a customer. Just a guess.

  11. Yeah I figured, guess I’ll just have to check the site periodically.

  12. What makes you think Citibank's investigation results were incorrect?

  13. They were incorrect because I didn't make the purchase and it literally says "Chargeback DENIED". I reported this already to Citibank and "Chargeback DENIED" was what they concluded despite it being a fraudulent charge that I reported. The bank is saying that I made the purchase when I did NOT. I know this doesn't sound like it makes sense but this is exactly what is going on.

  14. Turn around and look at the sky and yell

  15. Nvm bro, ignore my statement🫠 thought you were one of those people that order a bunch of shit online and forget that it’s a human delivering that shi. When I was at fedex I hated them

  16. LOL All good man. I'm most definitely not one of them. But we do have our usual suspects who constantly order crazy amounts of stuff.

  17. Before I knew I had ADHD I thought my mum has early onset Alzheimer's. Then I realised that I got the ADHD from her. If she's not invested, she just spaces out. You probably feel guilty for not being as excited about wedding planning as your partner, but it's okay. I wouldn't be either. It doesn't mean you are not excited to marry her. Make sure you tell her that. I think having a checklist would be a good idea. Just so you can look up the things you will inevitably forget again.

  18. Thank you so much for saying this. It really calmed me down. I have told my fiance how grateful I am of her doing all the planning so she knows that already. I will tell her that despite my lack of excitement that I am still excited for the wedding and to marry her.

  19. Investing in a good pair was definitely the right call for me.

  20. Yeah, so I think for the foreseeable future, I'll just stick with my PTF clerk job until something much better comes along.

  21. Thank you for your perspective. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with how difficult being a mail handler is. Good luck to you.

  22. I love doing echoes!! Best decision ever. My starting hourly was $30 in Richmond VA. Starting pay varies on location. Pay is less in the south. I make triple as a traveler. Travel life is great right now!

  23. If you do travel, do you get to essentially make your own schedule?

  24. Yes and no. You negotiate that before you sign a contract. My contract now is 7:30a to 4p day hours with OT. No weekends, call or holidays. Depends on the hospital. Some contracts pay double for callbacks/holidays. They are all different but you learn to negotiate.

  25. I'm in the county next to where this happened and heard about it over the Telecon. Don't quote me on this but I am almost positive that it happened in Harrisburg.

  26. Veteran preference means they get a points bump. I could be wrong, but they get 10 points to their overall score. So if a veteran and a non veteran get hired on the same date and have identical scores then the veteran will bump the non veteran off due to the extra 10 points.

  27. Mostly correct. 10 extra points for greater than 30% disabled and 5 extra points for less than 30% disabled.

  28. This is incorrect. Disabled Vets have two categories with both awarding ten points. The difference that comes in that 30% and above are ranked ahead of 10-20. Next comes veterans with campaign medals at 10pts, then those with 5pts. For the laboral custodial position, it has a veteran restriction meaning non-veterans are only considered after veterans. Not enough vets apply for it these days. Disabled Vets work differently because they have a ranking list above everyone else. When I would use just ten pts from campaign medals, I get the ten points but could still fail to get the job. When I used disability pts, I got hired for the same job without getting a higher score.

  29. I would. I wish I would have gone with my gut and switched after my first appt with my first psychiatrist. I suffered through 3 terrible appts then finally changed to a different one in the same office. I am so glad I did, my new one is incredible.

  30. Yep Seroquel is a common one, but I find it strange that your doctor hasn't mentioned Lithium or lamotrigine (though you can't start lamotrigine until you've been off depakote for several weeks).

  31. I have been submitting mine through the eLRA on liteblue. I also notify the sup in person that I have done so. Also get paperwork from the VA that you were there that day. I print out the 5980 and bring to the doctor to fill out and Sign.

  32. Excellent! Thank you. Just submitted my leave requests. It looks like form 5980 is where the VA will confirm that I was there that day from what I'm reading.

  33. Were you converted to career or hired off the street?

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