Sweet dreams are made of cheese

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  1. It looks like some joker stuck a googly eye in his left socket.

  2. I remember one time there was this guy who had been sitting at his machine for so long, he just couldn't hold it in anymore. I rounded the corner right in time to see him stand up and immediately pull his wang out to pinch it shut and start bolting for the restroom a ways away. The pressure in his bladder must have been too much because it didn't stop the piss, in fact the pinch just made for a smaller escape for said piss, giving it a LOT more trajectory. As he was sprinting toward the bathroom, pissing 10+ feet in front of him, swaying side to side from the sprint, he must have gotten at least 20-30 machines and as many casino guests. It was insane, I don't know how I was so lucky to not have gotten pissed on, and just stood there in awe like wtf did I just witness...

  3. So he had his dick out the entire time? Was he allowed to keep playing after? If he pissed on 20 people surely someone wanted to fight him.

  4. It depends what you are cooking, but it is pretty hard to overcook ground beef except by burning it. An over cooked burger will be dry but if it’s broken up in a pan, like for tacos or something, you can cook it for quite awhile before the texture or moisture is off. I always cook the beef until it’s no longer pink, then add the onions and garlic into the pan with the meat and cook until done. Same with the other veggies too, depending on how small I cut them.

  5. I once knew a girl named Michael. That'd have been weird.

  6. My aunt was named Sidney and she married a man named Laura, which was also her sister’s name.

  7. Caramel corn. My grandma would make it a lot, and if it was a special occasion she’d make popcorn balls and maybe add some food coloring, like green ones for Christmas.

  8. Anyone else thinks it looks like a horrifying clown? Kind of like a messed up Pennywise

  9. Ketchup snd Mayonnaise. It makes fry sauce. Very popular in the western rockies especially near Utahwhere it comes from. As a former Mormon I can at least say one good thing about Mormon culture it some good food, and fry sauce is strangely one of them.

  10. I actually hate funeral potatoes. Lol. Mormon rootbeer is iften pretty good. Still prefer just beer, but hey I won't complain.

  11. “I wonder if I can find more cheese from the cottage. Maybe I can find the cottage that makes the cheese”

  12. Will have to look up delicata squash, not familiar. And the carrots sound brilliant, that's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! Do you have a specific recipe you can share? Do you use fresh pomegranates or Pom juice?

  13. Roasted delicata with honey butter is hands down my favorite winter roasted veg.

  14. I’m suggesting you look at the issue from a kid’s perspective and have a bit of empathy.

  15. And I’m suggesting you be realistic. Thinking a child should choose everything they eat? Kids need structure, and vegetables. You will raise unhealthy monsters. You can’t expect a young child to make good, healthy decisions. Kids will eat dirt and Tide pods. I’m plenty empathetic.

  16. Whats realistic about throwing a plate at a kid and telling them "this is what youre getting. if you don't like it, too bad" and then holding it against them if they object? Are you a parent or a prison warden?

  17. Wow, no one in this thread said anything about throwing a plate at a child. Have fun making up insane scenarios, I won’t engage with your craziness any further. God bless.

  18. Probably not what you are looking for because it’s an instrumental song, but “Sleepwalk” by Santo and Johnny is both beautiful and crushingly depressing, IMO. “Tourniquet” by Marilyn Manson is depressing, and so is mostly everything I have heard by Modest Mouse.

  19. The kittens look old enough to go to their furever homes at this point.

  20. Do you mind sharing the pimento cheese recipe? I’ve always wanted to try some.

  21. Hmm I hadn't noticed. You're right the rating is low but all the comments are positive.

  22. Thank you for posting this. Had I come across it on my own, the low rating would probably have discouraged me, despite the positive reviews. Now I’m looking forward to making it!

  23. Very simply... cook ALL your foods in cast iron.

  24. Ok gotta know what potato peeler you have

  25. The other person called it, I have a Kuhn Rikon and I highly recommend them.

  26. Also, I never peel carrots, it’s a waste of carrot IMO, but I do peel other veggies, like butternut squash.

  27. It exists on Etsy, at least. They have it on shirts, towels… it’s an old joke.

  28. Seen it. More than one movie can be depressing, and plenty of other people already said Requiem.

  29. I’m not squeamish regarding like blood or violence, but I do get depressed easily, and try to avoid watching depressing things.

  30. Been depressed since I was six, I’m in my 40’s now. It’s way too long to be depressed, I’m so exhausted, and I know it’s not going to get better.

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