1. Rookie numbers! Three can definitely fit, and I'm pretty sure the only thing stopping it being four is the limitations on flexibility from the guys...

  2. The first time I remember seeing porn, I came across an abandoned magazine on the street that promised 3 dicks for all 3 of this chick’s holes at once. So nine dicks. It scared me from checking out open for a long time because I thought it was all gonzo.

  3. I worked with a lady that would call all Chinese restaurants and ask if they had MSG in their food. she would not eat anywhere that used it. I always thought it was ridiculous

  4. Yup this is my parents, no matter how many times I tell them how tasty it is and explain it’s not harmful.

  5. Even legally, this is true. If the job does not require you to drive as part of its main responsibilities, they cannot ask if you can drive or have a license.

  6. I can eat a huge bag of potato chips/crisps everyday. In fact that's exactly what I do. Corn tortilla chips I eat everyday too along with mixed veggies, (beans, corn, carrots, etc), and to top it off a nice cold tub of cool whip. Don't hate the cool whip if you pay attention it's 1/3 sugar, 1/4 fat, 1/3 price of ice cream.

  7. It’s full of high fructose corn syrup and chemicals. It even smells like chemicals to me. At least (some) ice cream has real milk and ingredients. I really hope you aren’t eating a two big bags of chips and a tub of cool whip everyday, for your sake. That’s a lot of processed ingredients.

  8. There's a new job that I want but I've delayed applying for it for over a month now because I'm afraid of being told "no" or finding out I don't like it once I start.

  9. I’m in my 40’s and FINALLY figured out what career path I want to pursue. I get excited but then I cry multiple times a day due to the various rejections that I will face in the process.

  10. He even fed people to themselves. If someone lost a hand or a foot, he’d toss that in the soup.

  11. I liked the Ireland stuff. I just wasn't that I to the charlie dad plot. I always thought it was best leaving his dads origin ambiguous as to always suggest it's Frank. For you to find out that it is him eventually in the final episode. when ever that may be.

  12. Exactly. Like the Waitress’s name. We want to know it but we don’t, until maybe the end.

  13. Can someone explain to me why people stay in toxic relationships for so long cause I’ve never been in one and it seems that the only way to get someone to leave is to have like 20+ people constantly tell them to leave

  14. I stayed in one for two years because he wouldn’t let me work and I didn’t have the money to leave. Lots of people stay if they have kids, or if they don’t have a good support system elsewhere. Or they are scared of retaliation. Many, many reasons.

  15. "LOVED this recipe. I substituted the veal for turkey breast, and my daughter doesn't do tomatoes so I used barbecue sauce instead. This was the BEST veal parmesan i've ever made!"

  16. Usually it’s “I made all these substitutions and I HATED it! Zero stars!”

  17. There might be a monster/ghost/demon in the basement, I better go check it out.

  18. Eh if it’s the basement of your home you do gotta check it out. But annoying when it’s a ghost/demon in a dangerous abandoned place that the protagonists can easily just walk away from and avoid forever.

  19. Every trope in a slasher movie. But if I had to choose one.. the slutty roommate .-.

  20. Nah this is great. You know they are gonna have sex and die. It’s like the red shirts in Star Trek.

  21. Dennis has at least 2 drawers full of sex tapes… but they always use the same one for their schemes

  22. Snobby chef minds are downvoting you cos you prefer beer cheese a way they don’t like

  23. Food pairings exist for a reason. Some foods are known to work well together, or known to not work together. OP is asking for advice in a culinary group, so people are going to give advice based on common tastes and pairings. If OP’s personal tastes are uncommon, we can’t really help him as much.

  24. Pretty sad when you can go to the store and buy a roma tomato for 40 cents which has more nutritional value than an entire lunchable

  25. Man I wish I could get any veggie that cheap. I’ve seen limes at the bargain store that were 50 cents but they are pretty beat up.

  26. Also Safeway is a few miles away but I have to go there instead of the market that’s literally across the street from me, because that place is more expensive. A bulb of garlic is like $2.50, for instance. I’ve paid like $4/onion. And I live in a farm area, so I’d thought I’d pay less for groceries.

  27. It has no flavor and the texture is off, why would you want to keep it? It’s suitable for livestock food but that’s about it. If you have a hard time throwing away meat, just make stock from bones and scraps instead, no need for fresh veg and edible meat.

  28. Make a version of chicken crust keto pizza. Flavorless meat is perfect.

  29. Hahaha this is great. Thanks for letting me laugh at those goddamn ads instead of just hate them.

  30. Don’t forget Pinball Machines, free WIFI and an actually warm swimming pool.. no kids allowed.

  31. I used to work at a community center pool. My god are old people gross in pools. They pee in it more often than kids, they never shower before they get in so there is all kinds of hair and lotions and shit that make the water all greasy, and the volume of phlegm and boogers they spew freely into the water is making me vomit just thinking about it. If you gave a bunch of old people a warm pool, they are going to pee like crazy.

  32. "I'm going to be on television." Chills, man.

  33. Fuck I knew better than to read this thread. Now I can’t sleep. That lady haunts me.

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