1. sounds like some video game shit, fire

  2. This shit is so fire hopefully it gets finished

  3. I keep my gun everywhere I go…

  4. Ben Affleck such an underrated director

  5. Smhb_ruh says this is very bad and you should not have posted this

  6. He’s stupid and irrelevant dw about him

  7. He’s a left leaning Christian genius billionare that fw dragon energy 🐉

  8. Was this posted already? My bad homie, I ain’t on this sub all day like you

  9. Posted 20 years ago buddy you’re abit fricking late

  10. Damn bud how’s that possible Kanye wasn’t even born 20 years ago

  11. Aus has filmed a lot of stuff for ye including donda 2 lp and free Hoover event

  12. “Satan himself is back in town! Must be why the holy water turnin’ brown.”

  13. I’ll be your hype man if that’s case, though my yeezus tat may give away my true allegiance

  14. As a Donda 2 fan I will gladly accept a Yeezus enjoyer 🤝

  15. I’m beating tf outta everyone here

  16. Not sure if you mean mixing / mastering or sonically but I’m gonna assume sonically since I appreciate that more

  17. If ye releases wake the dead in 4 hours he can save it 👍

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