1. One of the first things you get taught when getting a game design degree, is that game ideas are infinite and literally no one gets paid to just sit and come up with ideas.

  2. My lawsuit with Rockstar is ongoing, I clearly had the idea of "cowboy game" first.

  3. I know and that’s why I’m against the war, but they were in possession of weapons of mass destruction, to deny that because you disagree with the war is how misinformation spreads.

  4. Honestly this pedantry isn't the right hill to die on. Literally no one was talking about mustard gas when they were talking about WMDs.

  5. I love the look Hesh gives him before that when he's making those shitty Jew jokes, he gives a fake smile but it's just contempt behind the eyes.

  6. It feels like something from right wing media "do you know what your kids are up to???"

  7. "how can you criticize bush when Saddam exists"

  8. Also, Saddam is one of the most infamous dictators of modern times.

  9. He played Israel, he writes about it in his first book. He said he offered to do Palestine too, but they said only if he dropped the Israel gig, he said he respected their decision.

  10. Biotech too. I've had 5 rounds of interviews for a scientist position only to be ghosted. It's insanely frustrating.

  11. That's appalling, a template rejection email should be the bare minimum even on a regular application.

  12. One of these things is not like the other

  13. Without a gun, how do Europeans stop their weekly school shootings?

  14. How legal are abortions in England? I was under the impression that they are relatively easy to get, and I do not understand why should wouldn't have gone that route if it was an affair baby.

  15. In practise, they're easily available. I think she thought she could baby trap her partner so she kept it.

  16. It’s super dumb, because OP wasn’t even in a civil partnership (which would have been a way to baby trap her)

  17. I mean more an emotional/obligational trap. But yeah, the partner sounds dumb.

  18. Lev & abby is just the poor man’s Ellie & Joel except I care about them less

  19. ... Great? There's another TLOU subreddit if you just want to bitch about it.

  20. This is the attitude I don't like here, downvoting is fine but do we really want to send people to the bigoted sub? There are some people who don't like it and are not toxic.

  21. I'm happy to discuss the game with critics, but there's no substance here, they're just saying "the game sucks I hate it".

  22. When people get a bit too earnest about my job, I often think of when Peggy says to Don she wants to "create something of lasting value" and he answers "In advertising!?".

  23. As a musician weddings are always a pain in the ass. They won’t have any PA equipment they won’t have a soundman. They will want to use the mic and PA all night so you can’t leave. They’ll want you to learn at least one song you don’t know and probably don’t like. We do at least 3x quotes on weddings.

  24. Honestly, of all the gigs I wouldn't expect a musician to do for free, a wedding would be top. It's not exactly "cool", you aren't the main focus, no one wants you to play your own stuff.

  25. Westerosi culture places almost no sexual significance on the butt, judging by the POVs we read.

  26. The single most unbelievable thing in the story

  27. I would love to know whether it's true that some societies aren't that interested in butts. There are definitely cultural standards, I'm sure someone has written a paper on this.

  28. Brits when Americans complain about the cost of California's high speed rail: 😅

  29. It's great to see they've taken after us by absolutely failing to provide high speed rail.

  30. He plays the exact same character in The Office, warehouse foreman Glen (Taffy). He does have one of the best lines in the series, when told to stop smoking near a pregnant woman, telling her he won't stop

  31. She somehow makes Jean-Ralphio look better by comparison.

  32. She also smiles whenever she's insulted, including being called the worst person in the world. She doesn't give a shit as long as she gets her own way.

  33. I get the same kind of feeling whenever I see these memoirs or other works by ex-Mafia guys. A lot of times it seems like they’re subtly bragging about their former position. They don’t really seem like they feel much regret or remorse for what they did. The guy is just mad that he failed and ruined his own life.

  34. Yeah...they're always all, "I had 10 people under me who would kill and rob anyone I told them to and we robbed whoever we wanted, with the police so scared they left us alone because of my amazingly scary persona that attracted innumerable models and starlets that I inevitably slept with on a huge bed made of money and coke. It was terrible."

  35. I hate any story which is "I had his crazy wild youth with all this excitement, but this is actually a precautionary story, don't make my mistakes".

  36. Have you read Underboss, Sammy Gravano's book? It's interesting, but the tone is pathetic, every story is about how tough and smart and genuine he is compared to everyone else, especially Gotti. It's funny how he nails Gotti as an upjumped narcissistic thug, while failing to realise how similar they are.

  37. I did it. £18 RIOJA red wine a glass… Michelin star restaurant 9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG

  38. Most people there will be wealthy, and can afford it, or will be going as a rare treat, so also can afford it.

  39. I feel like there’s nothing malicious behind it when it happens tho. I always wonder why people make that mistake but I don’t think it is racially motivated in a negative way

  40. Maybe not malicious, but many people do refuse to put the very bare minimum of effort in to make black people comfortable in white environments.

  41. I honestly have no idea what that means. Should I be mixing rap music into my play lists at parties?

  42. I don't know if you're attempting to do Michael style clueless racism, but it isn't that cute.

  43. When they put on a pop punk banger you know it's a great moment.

  44. Holy shit. I’ve seen the wire at least five times and I just figured he was playing it cool around authority figures.

  45. The thing is, a lot of normal teenage boys kind of act like that, so it isn't that obvious

  46. If you rewatch, it's actually evident around all adult men. He's very relaxed with his friends, laughing and joking, but freezes up whenever there's an adult around. He won't talk to Prezbo either.

  47. "Separate but equal" in practise being obvious prejudice? Shocking!

  48. Pretty sure Barristan can still take down the hound. When he was forced to retire by joff he explicitly stated that he could cut through all the KG, knights and gold cloaks that were there (pretty sure the hound was there too) if he wanted to.

  49. Saying isn't reality. He's over sixty. Think of the greatest boxers, MMA fighters, etc, none of them at that age could even be competitive with average fighters in their sport, let alone a top Dog like Sandor.

  50. He's definitely motivated, but Brienne both loves Renly and is desperate to get revenge on her tormentors and really wants to win so she can request a place on the Kingsguard as her favour. I don't want to imply this is the sole reason she won- all the motivation is the world won't do much if you don't have the strength and skill- but I think it needs to be taken into account.

  51. I was hoping for a version where, instead of instantly killing the doctor, he shoots him in the gut and stands over saying "who gave you the order!?" and the doctor slashes with his scalpel and kills him.

  52. Nice image, it's cool that Jaime tried to give Tommen great advice, when he never gave a shit about Joff.

  53. I want to not be ignored in every single area of political life. I don't have a family..doesn't mean I should be perpetually ignored and punished for that fact.

  54. It isn't about being "punished", it's about giving help to people who actually need it.

  55. Haha for telling me. I'll only have your opinions and feelings in the future.

  56. Well that's me told, how dare I present a different viewpoint!

  57. So if we sack him now we are guaranteed 17th?

  58. Yeah he'll find an 18yo who will tolerate him for way too long for her own good.

  59. It isn't that easy to find 18 year olds who want to date you.

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