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The Brazilian porcupine has a prehensile tail to help it climb trees and a rather plump nose to help it find food in its native South American habitats. Females give birth to a single porcupette in the spring. At the Cincinnati Zoo, a porcupette named Rico is seen here munching on corn on the cob.

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. I didn’t realize voting Democrat made me a non-Christian and turned me into someone that hates America. Crazy.

  2. Im sorry but “communist orcs” has me fully thinking this was a bait post… but it would appear that it wasn’t made to be bait

  3. Im about 100 pages in and it creates tons of curiosity i cant put it down. I picked it up because i saw the movie trailer last week and it seemed different. How are you likin it?

  4. I’m listening to the audiobook and I’m ~4 hours in. So far, I’m enjoying it! I really like the characterizations of Andrew and Eric. As of right now I feel more uneasy than floridly scared, but the tension is good imo

  5. I’m thinking she (a) genuinely does not know Nancy Pelosi’s actual name, or (b) is making a racist play on the fact that AOC is a Latina with a medium skin tone. Both are idiotic, the latter is disgusting and therefore characteristic.

  6. Your comments regarding the character dynamics are spot-on, especially the two female characters. I think I enjoyed the book for how bleak it is, similar to how I felt by the end of Nick Cutter’s The Troop. But I don’t think you’re missing anything if you’re feeling super annoyed with the actions/attitudes/thinking of the characters.

  7. I’m thinking your jade is dehydrated and in need of a drink. My trailing jade looks exactly like that and after I drench it with water (watering until water runs out of the drainage holes), it perks up in 1-2 days. If you’ve already drenched it, then I would wait a few more days to see if it perks up

  8. I refuse to believe that the reason given for The Wizard of Oz is anything but a troll by the library. Which braindead parent would actually voice that a strong woman isn’t appropriate reading for kids? So you want your daughters to be weak, dependent women?

  9. none of the steel has padding on dudes have gotten wrecked falling or hitting there heads and what not…get uneasy watching this

  10. You’re absolutely correct—the injuries can get gruesome, but luckily that doesn’t seem to happen very often. The World Chase Tag YouTube channel has some compilations of failed runs.

  11. It has flowered, aloe blooms don’t open up like a normal flower would. They stay like a tube shape

  12. oh I see. Well that’s a bummer since I didn’t take many photos but that’s good to know going forward!

  13. I am wondering if there is any other animal that has such a big nose in proportion to head or body size. I can't think of any.

  14. I’m confused because I’ve heard that he was told the vote would be Taylor during the commercial break and now I’m hearing that he didn’t know what the vote was and guessed wrong.

  15. I listened to this interview live. He was told by the cast that they had already decided at the round table on who to vote for. He wanted to know who so that he could vote with the house but they told him they didn’t think they could tell him. So he knew the house had settled on a vote but he guessed wrong in thinking it was for Monte.

  16. ok I get it now! I was confused by The Winner Circle interview with Taylor, but I went back and watched their interview with Turner and he explained this. Again, super minor detail but thanks for explaining

  17. Monte literally fell backwards into the F2 and it's actually incredible how poorly he did.

  18. “Jury misreads” would be a solid video. Ethanimale and Peridiam, y’all listening?

  19. He's underestimated her all season on top of insulting not only her game but her personality, both things that are absolutely golden. He really did play himself 👑🤡

  20. Also loving the irony of Taylor demonstrating self awareness to know that she doesn’t beat Monte in terms of big moves or comp wins and so directed the jury to admire skills like resilience and perseverance. All that bashing of Taylor for having no self-awareness and then we see Monte talking extensively about the moves he made in the pre-jury.


  22. to be fair, I feel like most seasons the final speeches don’t really matter much because the jury is already set on who will win. Monte overestimated how set this jury was and maybe also bought into his own ego that Taylor was an easy beat. Reality hit like a truck tonight. He also didn’t help his case by bombing damn near every question

  23. The Ameerah blindside. Both the veto nom and the eviction. The veto nom in particular caused some of the best live feeds of the season.

  24. Her “that’s just whose left over” comment in the show’s edit was like a movie

  25. Daniel basically sending Nicole home

  26. With his smug little smirk. Plus his “wait for me Nicole” after she was evicted and he’s by himself lolll

  27. Joseph or Taylor for me. Now that Taylor could potentially win the game, I’m willing to put more backing on Joe. That man deserves something for how much comedy he brought to the season.

  28. Question: how long did it take to bloom? I’ve got a smaller aloe that has had its stalk for several months but hasn’t bloomed. Meanwhile my other aloe hasn’t bloomed but the stalk keeps growing

  29. Gotta say I greatly appreciate posts like this to help me get a better sense of what thirst looks like. Very nice timelapse!

  30. I loved the split house twist. I hope they do it every year.

  31. I hope production determines the split house instead of the schoolyard pick. Would’ve enjoyed it more if we actually got to see the pairs (Brittany/Michael and Alyssa/Kyle) split up. Even just 1s and 2s would’ve been better imo

  32. I disagree. I think all the jurors getting asked the same questions doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll vote for Taylor if she makes F2. I feel like the jurors can realize fans like Taylor and still opt not to give her the win at the end. I just don’t buy that all these people who were staunchly anti-Taylor will suddenly pull a 180 just because they get asked about her in interviews.

  33. Said this in another comment, but there’s a difference between being a risk-averse player and a bad player. Turner only takes risks when he has the backing of those he perceives to be in power…and in doing so he has been the safest person all season of anyone in the final 4, despite making all those big moves.

  34. A part of me suspects he’s not getting targeted because no one really sees the moves that happen on his HOHs as his moves.

  35. His jury management is so odd to me. He really had no reason at all to handle Joseph and Alyssa as poorly as he did. In fact it took more work for him to Mishandle Joseph than it was to handle him well. 😂

  36. His behavior towards people once it’s clear they’re the target for eviction is so odd. He like physically distances himself and completely ices them out. I feel like he’s got to have a reason for doing it, but it’s so bizarre to watch

  37. It seems like that’s what Brittany is worried about, given her body language after the HOH comp. I doubt her vote for Alyssa is going to cause Taylor to target her outright, but she will probably end up on the block. Then it’s a matter of whether she wins veto. I think if she’s on the block, then either Monte or Turner vote her out. But I could also see her winning veto and then it’s honestly a toss-up as to who goes imo

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