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  1. Man the website is cancer, can any1 care to copy paste

  2. As a LS main, I've been hiding all these while. Can I come out and play now?

  3. Tw:3k has been in my wishlist forever, I knew shit like this would happen. Luckily I kept holding out

  4. As if the base game on it's own isn't worth it lol, if you think like this you are already a slave of live service games.


  6. So now it's 20:1 and Russia still can't accomplish their objectives? They're even worse than I thought.

  7. We are all just sitting behind out PC, watching them duke it out. Reality for them though is very very different. Every day the war drags on there will be more suffering, what this post is trying to imply is that Russia is about to fold which isn't true.

  8. Man anyone know where to get the series on HD? Jesus Netflix's resolution absolutely did not do Jibaro any justice

  9. Yeah that liar. I feel for the testicular cancer but he did more harm with the scandal.

  10. What happened? I understand he got caught doping but aside from that what other harm did he cause?

  11. at no point in the history of time was amber heard ever perceived as good

  12. Man what is up with people here defending Bulbasaur. They talk as if the first 2 gyms were some hardcore unpassable wall.

  13. ITT people thinking StarWars fan regard the series as some sort of masterpiece. Most of us love the universe more than we like the films, it's fun to watch sure but we openly acknowledge it is filled with flaws

  14. I hate teammates who farm jungle after a team wipe. Ffs the game's objective is to destroy the enemies' base, not farm kills. I've lost lots of games where my team has over 40 kills and the enemy has 20 because everyone starts to have items and they start to overwhelm my brain dead team.

  15. Oh yea, after a hard fought team battle where your team only slightly came out on top and is probably the only time you get to push. Your mm who is already maxed eq decides to fuck off and jungles.

  16. I know this isn't urgent or game breaking. But can moontoon just straight up stop censoring words. 95% of the time I don't know what I've type to deserved being censored. Jesus

  17. "these guards don't understand we are stealthing for their well being!" - Agent 47 incognito in a ball gown

  18. I love F:NV, it is definitely one of my favourite games of all time. However F:NV can be very dated at this point but it is nothing mods can't fix.

  19. I love this monster. I'll never whiff any if my hits

  20. Any Thamuz skin is way more metal and cool than any other hero IMO. Thats why i really want to main him and make him work in the current meta but he sucks fat nuts and dicks and balls and ass too in this season.

  21. I loved Thamus when I was back in lower ranks. GM onwards idk wtf is Thamus suppose to do. Even if I outlevel everyone I can't chase, can't burst, can't cc, can't tank.

  22. Enemy: "I must move randomly so I won't get hooked."

  23. Not to mention you can access the Star Wars event and Manny Pacquiao event using VPN

  24. Which region do I need to get to for the StarWars skins? I've been waiting for the Vader skin forever

  25. I have a niece that was truly heart broken when the barber cut her hair wrong. At first I laughed it off saying it's no biggie, but she wouldn't calm down until her mother sympathized with her. I know she sounds spoiled, but it was then that I realized it actually meant a lot to her and only her mother truly understood how much pain she was feeling.

  26. Who wants to bet on a Third Attempt after this?

  27. Choked a woman at a Reykjavik bar in 2020 in a a now deleted tweet of the video, and in Hilo, Hawaii they were arrested when they threw obscenities at other people at a karaoke bar, forcibly took a mic away from a 23 year old woman, lunged at a 32 year old dude playing darts, and spit at someone else according to reports. Not even a month later, they were AGAIN arrested on the Big Island for throwing a chair at a 26 year old woman during a private get together.

  28. Ezra is non-binary. They go by the singular they/them/their pronouns.

  29. I don't mean any offence, as a English 2nd language it can really get confusing for me at least.

  30. Heroes like Baxia, Grock, Barats - heroes with really high HP pools, defense, and damage - are being picked more often in many different roles. Tank builds (especially for heroes like Karina and Balmond) are also increasingly popular due to the changes to Bloody Retribution, which now scales with Max HP.

  31. What are the reasons why tanky heroes are being picked more often? What changed?

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