1. It’s unfortunate because the story is so different a decade later, but I grew up a Kanye West fan and was lucky enough to meet him at a Grammys after party (right when he started dating Kim Kardashian), a Louis Vuitton party and work on a music video with him all within a 6 month time period. Every single time he was nice, and actually interacted with “the help” myself included, much more than most other celebs I have ever worked with. It’s a bummer what has happened since.

  2. I worked at a luxury hotel in a bookshop off the coffee shop. We were trained to recognize each guest by name; so it wasn’t special that we knew a celebrity and it made our interactions with them more natural than a lot of places they go.

  3. Dealt with JLO on American idol, can confirm — diva that everyone hates lol

  4. It’s the best American style in Sac, in my opinion. Masullo brings it home for the “traditional” Italian style.

  5. Great point. Massulo is solid.

  6. I went to a wedding in Forest Hill almost 15 years ago and I still talk about it till this day.

  7. that spot looks great - did you bus/shuttle there?

  8. Urban Roots, Kru, Bacon & Butter

  9. That guy really loves rollercoasters lol

  10. First step is figure out how much each menu item costs you. From there you can calculate your sell price by using a multiple; I recommend 3-4x. Some other variables to consider are when figuring out sell price:

  11. There are plenty of books out there to help you out with numbers. Get an old edition like this

  12. Fantastic advice. Thank you!!

  13. Commercial leases 101. Leases will be marketed as $X/sqft+++, which is per year. So $20/ft for 1000sqft would be $20,000 per year or $1666/month. The +++ are the pass throughs. Landlords can, and will pass on every expense they can to you, so NNN (also Triple Net) will be added to the base lease rate. These include things like taxes, insurance (different insurance than what you'll need on your own), etc. They'll also pass on things like CAM (common area maintenance) fees, landscaping, snow removal, etc. The lease rate is never the only thing you pay the landlord.

  14. Ahhh got it - appreciate the breakdown here!

  15. probably a year out, which is why I wanted to find some more details on how to crunch these numbers but a smaller wine&beer bar with some tapas style bites!

  16. Good luck and hit me up if you need any guidance or tips! I’m hoping to start a mentorship program for getting more women in the wine business but I’ll help ya even if you’re a dude ;-)

  17. Love it! Two of us are woman, but I am, a dude haha. We will stay in touch though - thank you!!

  18. by far the best flavor out there - dry rub amazingness

  19. Curious to see here what people say.

  20. Reddit won't let me start a chat "something went wrong"

  21. You pretty much need cash for the land and later on you can use a construction loan against the equity in the land. This is the same in all 50 states.

  22. got it thank you. how does the using a construction loan against the equity in the land mean?

  23. I do a lot of land and construction loans, so let me try to help clear up some things. If you have questions just let me know.

  24. This was so helpful, thank you so much for the breakdown! Fantastic, really really appreciate it!

  25. I've racked up 25k in 0% interest entry offers. I have it all in cash just sitting in a 3.5% savings account, and I'll pay em off when the offer is up. Why the fuck not.

  26. This is the way. Same exact situation, but $50k Cc debt.

  27. just was lucky enough to lock down Blue & Gold (have green & yellow) and curious to hear how you’d rank the spots!

  28. that must be nice haha, I’m certainly not in any of those groups

  29. I tried it at a friends bar on my last trip to Japan this past summer, was my lucky night to try a dram of Hibiki 21 and Ardbeg 25, both amazing. I also missed, by 10 minutes, grabbing the last bottle of Hibiki 21 at a duty free shop at the Narita airport on our way out for $350.

  30. damn, that’s awesome! and yes I’ve heard the pricing duty free at airports is incredible…

  31. appreciate the comment, but addressed that with the post haha - all bookers are back right on the shelf, the boxes are hiding extra bottles hidden behind :)

  32. I'm still on a series of ill-advised trips (which may be contributing to the collection) but I'll make a point to get some pics up when I have the chance to sort it! I also may make a youtube video on organizing a collection because I kinda hate the way most boozetube channels have their "sets" look like a scalped liquor store

  33. ohh I’d tune in, pleasure share once you have that!

  34. Curious on price as well, just shared my 21 that I got for $900.

  35. ECBP WTRB SW Uncut Unfiltered Eagle Rare KC SiB Select Rye

  36. no doubt! ended up chatting with the owner of the store and got Blue Spot & Gold Spot for $300! very happy with that!

  37. Online it seems Gold is usually priced higher but I see MSRP for both and Red seems higher. Bizarre.

  38. First off, Louisville is not a real bourbon town! (no shade tho, it's the best city in the state) If you're here for the bourbon, I think you'll be disappointed by a Louisville-centric experience.

  39. awesome feedback, thank you for the advice!

  40. Check out Log Still Distillery. You could also go see a concert at their outdoor amphitheater.

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