1. I do something similar to the drill in the video kinda like the Justin Rose exaggerated downswing. I go to the top, keep my back to the target, and start my downswing by pulling the club straight down and extending my trail arm.

  2. Thanks. Yeah I am definitely thinking about it more. Was around 88 mph on average previously but dropped to high-70s with this adjustment.

  3. 88 mph clubhead speed with a 7 iron should be wayyyyy more than 140 carry

  4. 88 mph was before I adjusted my downswing. Gained some decent iron distance for about a month and then it turned into a pull. Sad part is my putting is finally clicking right when my iron game struggles start. Golf is funny game but still love the challenge.

  5. To fix driver slice trying strengthening your grip and aim shoulders slightly right of target at setup. Got the advice from Eric Cogorno’s video:

  6. I just left Cleveland Launcher HB Turbos for 0211DCs. So far very happy

  7. What made you switch from the Launchers?

  8. I hit into a net every day in my garage and feel like it’s helped tremendously. Still have a lot of improvement but have gone from 31 to a 23 HCP since January. I do get out and play once a week or try to go to the range. I will admit lately I’ve started pulling the ball so has been hard to work on with net practice. Using a pool noodle to work on swinging in to out so we’ll see if it help.

  9. Look on FB marketplace or EBay for some name brand cavity backed irons. Sometimes you can even get a full set with wedge and putter. I’m seeing decent Titleist, Taylormade, and Callaway irons for less than $250 in my area. I’d much rather have used quality brands than those cheap starter sets from Dicks.

  10. I’ve bought used 5A balls from Golfballnut on eBay and have always been pleased.

  11. Been dealing with the same challenge. What has helped me is pacing off putts before a round. 8-10 yards or paces is a typical distance. Hit 10-20 putts from that distance and try to memorize how far back you take it on good putts (Ex: big toe, middle of toe, pinky toe, 5 toes length outside). I think about my foot visually instead of inches but really same-thing. Calibrate off that distance during the round.

  12. Need more details on how you are practicing and where you need to improve (driving, irons, putting, etc). Try watching Golf Sidekick on YouTube. Good advice on simplifying the game with using less clubs and better course management.

  13. I do the exact same thing. Helps me fall asleep and think about where I could have saved strokes. One problem I have is falling asleep the night before an early AM round. Always too amped to play plus nervous if I’ll show up with my best swing that day.

  14. Are they any indicators you’d like more or less weight? I kinda want to try different weights, but wish I could do it without dropping the cash first…

  15. I have a tendency to hit my lag putts short so feel like heavier weight help me with my follow through on those longer putts. No real difference on shorter putts. Weights are only $25 on Amazon.

  16. Interesting… see I miss short too and I thought less weight would help. Why did you think more weight? Or is it again one of those preference things

  17. Def more preference but feel like I have more control of the take-away and follow through. Keeps my swing arc straighter.

  18. I was able to fix my driver slice with some setup adjustments. Strengthen grip (right thumb turned towards right shoulder), close club face maybe 10 degrees, adjust shoulder alignment to point 2 inches to the right while keeping lower body aimed at target, and lastly tilt left shoulder up/right shoulder down slight to make sure you swing up on the ball. I also tend to tee the ball up on the higher end. Now I hit the ball more left but stays straight so you can adjust aim on the range or throughout the round.

  19. Bought all of my clubs except putter and bag from eBay. You have to watch out for a seller “ksouth” when you buy the club for cheap because of minimal bids and you win the seller will say sorry the club isn’t in stock my bad. Than list the exact club again hoping it gets to the price the seller wants. The stock picture sellers use you have to read the description usually they will put a 1-10 condition

  20. Funny…that’s the exact seller I am talking about. Sounds like I should continue to avoid bidding on his/her auctions.

  21. I’d say it’s more fun once you are confident over top of the ball and have a consistent swing to build off of. I’m not a great golfer but just started shooting in low-90s consistently. I’ve played golf for 10+ years but just not often enough to improve or mold a consistent swing. I still have room to improve but no longer putting it up the fairway or slicing it 50 yards right into the woods.

  22. Looks that way, but at least it's still alive down below. Just prune off the dead parts up top once you're certain it's dead and let the bottom take over.

  23. Do I trim all the branches and just keep the main stem? Would love to encourage some growth higher up.

  24. I cut a 45 inch driver shaft I bought cheap on eBay down to 43 and put a new adapter and grip on it. I don’t even think I lost any distance playing that much shorter, or if I did it was negligible. I still felt more comfortable with the 45 tho because I’m 6’4 and I was really just messing around. But it’s pretty simple to do. If it feels a little light you can put some lead tape on the head. But I doubt you would notice. It’ll prob make it a bit more stiff. Could always buy one stiffness level down, and probably be about the right stiffness after you cut it that much.

  25. Thanks. This is exactly what I was trying to do. Not a huge investment but will give me an idea of how a shorter shaft will perform. I’ll adjust the head weighting a bit if it feels off.

  26. All uncut new shafts are going to star the same length. You tip and butt-trim to length. Why not just cut the shaft on your current club to length? Why spend money on a new shaft to then cut down?

  27. I wanted to be able to switch back if I didn’t like the shorter shaft. Really more of an experiment to see how it changes my driver accuracy.

  28. Hard to say but I have way less miss hits compared to my old Tommy Armours. The ball really wants to go straight up in the air no matter where you strike it. I love hitting my 8 or 9 iron and just stepping back to watch it come down. Only regret I have is getting the 5 iron. I still use my traditional hybrid once I get to that distance range so really only use the 5 for punch outs.

  29. 5-PW. I use the PW for almost every shot from 60-110 yards. Wish I got the GW just because you get used to the hollow feedback. Less consistent with my traditional 50 degree.

  30. How the fuck did you spend 9.5 hours at a 9 hole course with no driving range?

  31. Pretty sure they only sell around 40 passes per day so 9 hole course is pretty open. If you get held up at one hole, you just drive to the next open hole. I was with a group of 18 and we played an 8some on a few holes. Very different view point on golf that was fun to experience. Greens kicked my butt btw. Augusta on acid.

  32. Ordered the 7.5 after having the same Odyssey 2-ball for 10 years. Literally checking my gmail every hour today for a shipping notification.

  33. Where did you buy from? Yeah 7.5 is sweet!

  34. Golf Galaxy. Hoping they ship directly if you preordered.

  35. Hitting multiple balls through out the round when everyone is actually trying to score. Fine to do when you are playing solo but we’d all obviously score better if we got to practice our approach shots on every hole.

  36. I choke down to end of the grip for anything under 80 yards and just do a 50% or 75% swing aiming to a safe spot on the green. I’m typically playing bogey golf so more of a strategy to minimize risk.

  37. Not sure where you are coming from in RVA area but best bang for your buck is Royal New Kent and Viniterra. Magnolia Green and Independence are nice but a little pricy.

  38. I mark all my balls the same way mainly so I always know what ball is mine. I actually like the sharpie marks. Helps me see where I am making contact on my clubs.

  39. In zone 7a, is there anything I can do to my lawn in March to prepare for Spring? I pay for the basic VA Green lawn care service so they’ve already applied the first yearly pre-emergent and fertilizer application. Last season, I started using humic and saw a noticeable difference compared to neighbor who was also using VA Green. I am just itching to get the lawn ready for Spring.

  40. Seriously no tape. Just hit a lot of balls and guess red target has gotten slightly tacky over time.

  41. I got the XL Halos 5-PW a couple months ago and really like them. I love to play hybrids and have a slower swing speed so decided to make the switch from 10+ year old Tommy Armours. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how straight my shots are and flight path is much higher. Also I love the hybrid like feedback you get when you hit the ball cleanly.

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