1. amazing! the symmetry of the pattern is so satisfying. phenomenal work!

  2. lots and lots of patience in myself and those around me; allowing myself to take breaks when I need them; a promise to myself to be on this earth until i’m an old lady

  3. everything looks beautiful! I can’t believe you DIYed this 🤩 congratulations!

  4. beautiful! I love all of the birds you caught mid-flight and the perfect flowers. great eye!

  5. every fucking day. I used to compare how I felt to a game of chutes and ladders. I make a ton of progress when I’m feeling myself and then slide way down into lethargy, suicidal thoughts, and barely being able to take care of everyday needs. shit’s rough.

  6. Curious if y'all would like a live resin dabblicator. We are weighing the possibility for Superflux. It would be the live resin vape oil and could be dropped directly into a refillable cart, e-rig, load-your-own-vape, infuse a joint, top flower bowls, etc.

  7. they’re nice for the convenience/dosing or if you want the option to use it as an edible.

  8. ask for pretty weed then! they’ll point you in the right direction, but they can’t read your mind when you don’t say anything

  9. morning dear! I currently take lexapro every day with an extra dose during my luteal phase. it’s easier for me to stick with a habit of taking meds every day and just adding an extra pill. unfortunately, everything is trial and error, and everyone’s body is going to react differently. wishing you peace while you navigate!!

  10. hi love, you won’t know until you try. I had some pretty bad reactions to prozac, but that’s just me, my body, and my internal chemistry. I currently take lexapro every day with a little extra during my bad weeks and seeing how it goes. I disagree that prozac is your ONLY option, but you won’t know if it’ll help until you try. good luck beautiful! sending you strength and peace 💕

  11. this is amazing op! just kept getting better as I zoomed in. makes me want to know everything about the person, the sword, the chalice. great work!

  12. so much improvement, and you’ll just keep getting better! sometimes i mark my last stitch in a row with a stitch marker or a scrap piece of string to make sure i’m not adding/dropping any stitches. good luck with your jumper!

  13. Thank you! I keep forgetting to count how many stitches and rows I’m doing so I have to keep one square close at hand so I can measure, all beginner learning experiences for sure!

  14. yes, i can relate! do what works for you! i would recommend stitch markers or a little counter ring/necklace for the rows. you can find both for pretty cheap at any craft store or online. best of luck on this new hobby!

  15. can’t be of much help since i’ve never installed them. maybe try youtube

  16. It honestly depends who the professor is and if you’re someone who can “teach” yourself when you get stuck. Personally, I would take it in person, but just be honest with how you learn best. I find it easier to ask questions and form a study group in person than online. Also, maybe look into a tutoring group if it’s offered. Good luck!!

  17. Nature really does provides those moments that we seem to often don’t realize we miss until they happen... then it’s like “oh yeah, that’s how I’m supposed to feel”

  18. not sure why your comment has so many dislikes right now. being in nature is a powerful thing especially when it brings you happiness. we all need to enjoy the parts of life that bring a smile to our face. keep hiking and keep smiling!!

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