1. i posted the spoilers this morning but for some reason the post was deleted.......

  2. i love about-face liquid highlighters, the blushes are okay

  3. same, i feel like blue eyeshadow make me look orange LOL

  4. find something flat that fit exactly or almost exactly in the pan and press hard, i dont like to put alcohol in eyeshadows :/

  5. You need to go to "the boxy shop" tab specifically (not shop all or drop shop), you can find it on the top of the home page in menu on the "shop" tab.

  6. I found the info on daily specials. Thanks so much. Do you know when they go live so that we can purchase?


  8. Mmm... I'm not a fan of the spoilers but I'm not skipping ipsy usually pulls through.

  9. JSC have many red shades in the bullet lipstick, also vegan

  10. i think its about having a real address, because you cant submit with PO Box or commercial addresses

  11. i will wait until i see some spoilers. i usually wait until mid of the month to reserve my spot and avoid to be charged for the previous x bag

  12. using a facial spray or setting spray after doing my makeup helps a lot when i feel it too dry or powdery, melt everything together

  13. I would probably buy a favorites or sampler set or two.

  14. its my first PML palette too ! still waiting fot it to arrive thats why im reading reviews LOL

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