1. I got this same email too. I looked at the September items (If we actually get a September box) and there's so many things it's could be, mostly blush/bronzer.

  2. They should STOP sending so many PR boxes and give the actual costumers the good boxes

  3. I waited until the 1st to avoid getting previous boxes/products. I reread all the FAQ about signing up for luxe and asked customer service about making sure I'd receive a September luxe box.

  4. I hate this happened to you. Im feeling so desapointed with boxy lately.

  5. I really don’t want them to refund me because I wanted to try the bare minerals tinted moisturizer and Marc Jacobs omega blush bronzer and highlighter trio but they haven’t shipped it yet :( I asked about it today and no response yet

  6. No, i contact them to ask about the status of my order and they reply saying this. The funny part is that the coupon they offered is the same as the one they send a month ago 🤣 so no coupon

  7. I have 3 tokens. Where can i find the others? Im on my phone lol

  8. BOGO in black friday !!!! im waiting to get the banana fetish + pink religion

  9. It isn't the drop shop, they have a new shop you can buy from at any time. I am assuming this is a little higher but you still will get deals for the drop shop. If someone doesn't want to wait until the drop shop they have the option to buy it for less of a deal.

  10. they redirect the link, and change the prices. thats why you see the shop and not the deals when you opened it

  11. tell me how everything is out of stock and it hasn’t even actually started yet? my god boxy

  12. The items always appear out of stock until the sale is open

  13. I like the Tula Primer ♥ i receive it in a boxycharm skincare bundle last year.

  14. I dont receive the brush :( and they confirmed i used the coupon

  15. i dont mind tarte but if the takeover is like the survey, it will suck

  16. What did they show as products we could "be excited" to see in our boxes?

  17. i think it will be like ipsy, that the sales tabs only opens when the sale is active.

  18. Yes! I ordered the day they opened. I was refunded for the KVD liner and they said they’d ship it soon. Still haven’t received my tracking

  19. i think it’s going to be tarte! i got sent a questionnaire the other day

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