1. It seems like "уже" just usually goes there. And not only "уже" but other adverbs too, for example: у нас всегда есть - we always have, у нас редко есть - we rarely have, у нас обычно есть - we usually have. This word order is the most natural, but "у нас есть дети уже" or "у нас есть уже дети" are also possible

  2. Aesthetic attraction definitely exists - it's when someone appreciates the appearance of another person and it's not connected to sexual/romantic attraction. So he may experience it as well, that's why I'm sure you should talk to him. I get that it scares you but if you tell him everything the way you wrote here, it won't be disrespectful or disturbing at all because you really put everything well and it makes total sense

  3. So when you use it as a place you use дома and as a object its дом

  4. Yeah, you use дома as an adverb of place (where/где). Дом is a noun and it can be both a subject and an object in a sentence: Дом маленький - The house is small; Я вижу маленький дом - I can see a small house.

  5. I'd really like to see some backstory, how the crew got together, how they all met and things like that

  6. My dream is an entire prequel series of this. Each episode is just a member of the crew's backstory and how they met Stede

  7. I don’t know if he’d be amused or horrified by us 😂

  8. Omg this is so true! I'm not a native speaker and I often struggle to understand people speaking, but Rhys really has good diction and intonation, he rarely mumbles and his voice is very nice. Most of the time I don't even have a problem with the accent which is very unusual for me 😅

  9. Where did you get them from? - Amazon. - Well, then, you get in your car and drive them back to the Amazon

  10. I would definitely watch it! Tbh I think literally everyone from OFMD deserves a spin off 😅

  11. You could leave it out but to me at least it would sound wrong.

  12. I totally get that this is just a fun thought experiment, but David Jenkins said in an interview that he hates POTC and doesn’t want people associating OFMD with it, so in solidarity with King David and to keep Johnny Depp as FAR away from our beloved show, I don’t think a crossover works.

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