1. The guardian is probably the best newspaper in the UK. If they're writing bad articles maybe newspapers are over. The independent went to shit not long back.

  2. Isn't the sindy owned (or part-owned) by a Russian guy? Might be confusing it with the standard though.

  3. FTA: "Almost half (43.8%) of traffic to the forum came from the US, with 7.5% from the UK.

  4. It's not just spoons, though. FTA: "It comes at a time where four in ten pubs across the UK are expected to close amid the cost of living crisis and increasing energy prices. " It's literally the 5th sentence in the article. Honestly, redditors need to start reading the articles before commenting lol.

  5. used to do stuff like this. They did a giant skeletons one which has images used by conspiracists to claim the Nephelim were real (

  6. What version are you currently on? The Firefox version probably just means it’s not in their repos but that’s no big deal. Generally what I recommend is that if you are still on a supported version and things are still working, just stick with what you have.

  7. Ubuntu 20.04, Firefox will be the latest version as it updates when I do the regular updates.

  8. I was a bit surprised to find your comment in my inbox but thanks, appreciate it. Yeah I just don't get the hate for Squeeze tbh. I mean, we all know it isn't a Velvet Underground album but we all like other music, and so we should just enjoy it like we do any other music not the VU!

  9. Its the soft rock extension to Loaded, nothing wrong with that its got some nice songs on it, not Velvet Underground LP though. Doesn’t deserve the vitriol it gets from some quarters. Come on Doug’s a nice guy who thought it was the right thing to do at the time. Easy with hindsight to make critical judgements.

  10. Which has already been acknowledged to be down to socioeconomic factors, which are another form of privilege. You can acknowledge that privilege exists whilst also recognising that socioeconomic barriers exist for those who have privileged characteristics.

  11. "white privilege" means the issues you face aren't induced or influenced by the colour of your skin or racial background, and by virtue of that, you also aren't victim of many issues that are mainly faced by racial minorities. It doesn't mean you have it easy, or that you are "privileged" in every facet of life.

  12. So she would prefer a privileged tory toff muslim man who used to be a merchant banker and whose multi-millionaire wife is a tax-avoider, right?

  13. There is no such thing as Islamophonbia, a phobia in an irrational fear, for many Islam is a real threat - see underage girls in Rotherham and almost every other town and city, LGBTQ people in Islamic countries, immigrant workers in Islamic countries like Saudia Arabia, Qatat, UAE etc, women who don't conform in Islamic countries (for e.g. women who removed their hijab in Iran, failed to cover their face in Afghanistan etc.)

  14. And the Lord did say; Spurn the female flesh, for it is laden with cooties and can do naught but lead ye astray from the path all bois must take. Verily I say unto ye, kiss the homies good night, and ye shall fear the perdition and ruin of the cooties nevermore!

  15. Thou shalt not reacharound though for Onanism is a sin.

  16. oh , thank you - INDIANA! (the original post just talked about counties which, if you’re not american, are absolutely meaningless 🤷🏻)

  17. OP here - I am not American either. I just copied the name as it is what she is known as. I never thought about other counties with the same name - we don't have that in the UK!

  18. It has been debated for a while if MPD even exists in the first place. Are you thinking of Billy Milligan?

  19. I agree and am not a psychiatrist or anything, it was just something about a guy who claimed to have it I saw in a yt video. It could have been Milligan, but it was a while ago that I saw it so don't remember now.

  20. Milligan is the most famous "MPD" to explain why he was a serial rapist----and near the end of his life he alluded to family that it had all been a ruse.

  21. As a layperson I have no idea whether MDP is real or not, nor whether Milligan was lying or not. I have heard of it outside of the Milligan case but as I am not an expert I don't know what to think. It was just seeing it in the video made me wonder if other killers had had it, and obviously Z is the one I know most about so I wondered about him.

  22. Should’ve seen some morning show hosts (idk on what show, just saw the clip) asking a meteorologist why he was being all gloom and doom.

  23. The two women and the guy in his garden? Think it was GB news and posted on the UK sub.

  24. I hate the entire discourse on individual hottest days of the year sparking debate on climate change.

  25. Today and tomorrow are evidence as they are actually hotter than any of the summer of 76 days. So while that was a long hot period, we have now gone higher. 3 of the warmest June's ever have been in recent years as well. (There was a clip on I think the UK sub from that GB news and the women in the air-con studio were saying it's not too bad, right, to a weather guy in his garden, and compared it to 76, and he said it is warmer than 76 and is an issue, so respect to him for shutting their stupidity down.)

  26. People who blame boomers are just showing how gullible they are to fall for the rich's propaganda, something they probably think they are immune to. The wealth distribution is skewed massively in favour of a small percentage of the population throughout the western hemisphere. These people have the power alongside the wealth. If you think the average boomer is able to decide the direction the country takes you must be insane.

  27. Sarah Weddington, one of the lawyers who took the case to the supreme court was a boomer. Linda Coffee was born during the war.

  28. Breaking: Fetus arrested for not wearing seatbelt in Texas carpool case!

  29. The youth as of late seem more engaged and more connected than usual. The status quo is going to get significantly worse in a very quick manner and that will hopefully drive youth outrage which is what will change things. Boomers as a whole are slipping amongst the power structure and there aren't enough people not getting completely fucked by boomer policies to replace them meaningfully. Hopefully the country isn't dead in the next couple decades because that is when most of these inherited issues will be solved.

  30. I can't really think of much that supports a connection between the Zodiac Killer and the Sierra Club except that he lived near its headquarters and mentioned it on a postcard. If he was a member of this group I would except him to use his platform to promote its views, which he doesn't (at least not in any obvious way).

  31. Probably his needling the police and the way he described them, although tbh this proves nothing imo. He could be a cop using that to throw people off for all we know.

  32. i am 40 years old and have my own apartment and i need to go parking with a woman. no not happening

  33. Perhaps he lived with his mum and she was strict and still, even at 40, wouldn't let him bring girls back. We really don't know.

  34. Yeah. I've never bought into the "he hated women" theory. In the three couples attacks, he never deliberately put more effort into hurting the females more. That's why I think if there was any type of sexual motivation, it was from the thrill of everything imo.

  35. He stabbed Shepherd more times than he stabbed Hartnell. It could just be her moving more but it could be him being more frenzied.

  36. It is said that the giant sea monster has lost some weight, and now only weighs half as much as OP's mum.

  37. They love to fall back on the idea that "no, I'm not against minorities voting, I care about election security!"

  38. They send the voting thing to us here in the UK but you don't need it or any ID to vote.

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