Jamie Foxx gives his best Donald Trump impression

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  1. Send him back for sledgehammer treatment 👍😎

  2. Exactly what I thought, ungrateful scumbug

  3. Note: TopCargo200 says not a general. Some colonel rank based on several sources of info.

  4. Google his name other sources stating that he was major general.

  5. Here is a link to his disgusting performance

  6. Obviously those are more strategic locations than railway bridges, ammo depots, conscription offices, etc. That’s good solid, very ruZZian strategic thinking right there.

  7. I think since Poland took Kremlin in 17th century they are obsessed not to loose it again but who knows

  8. I nominate those two for Darwin Award 2022

  9. What a brilliant idea, pic taken in Bakhmut by Eddy van Wessel let's go

  10. The war in Ukraine is a consequence of the fact that we did nothing back then.

  11. You can take out man from KGB but you won't take out KGB out of man

  12. Look like the donated austrian ones.

  13. No AHS KRAB is polish donated 155mm must be a typo

  14. Did he got caught lying or something please remind me

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