Better Call Saul S06E11 - "Breaking Bad" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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Better Call Saul S06E10 - "Nippy" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. I genuinely cannot believe the reveal that the one and only Kim Wexler became an HOA lovin’ all American Florida woman. This episode nailed the depressing suburban American vibe and, most importantly, featured the least uncomfortable rendition of «Happy Birthday » in the entire BB/BCS universe. I feel so empty that we are finally approaching the end of this journey but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

  2. Okay jeff had to do that as a distraction but how the fuck is that supposed to play out? I hate commercials holy shit

  3. This is now the best birthday song in the BB/BCS universe

  4. Well shit, who knew that tattooing your girlfriend of less than a year’s kids name on your neck and branding her name on your body would…not…age well?

  5. Random thought. Makes me wonder if Malcom in the middle exists in that universe, then you’d have to wonder, if Hal from the show is just coincidentally similar to Walt or if it’d be a different actor in that reality. Or if it doesn’t change cause Bryan Cranston is simply an actor in that universe and isn’t literally Walt.

  6. Did you ever see that they filmed an alternate ending to breaking bad involving Hal. If not, I just wanted to throw this

  7. A prequel series about that chemistry teacher sounds pretty cool

  8. Third Trimester Thompson is in the headlines more for his weekly entanglements more than for his basketball career. That man is the embodiment of not giving a fuck

  9. I thought she was over the orange era….this does not look look good at all with her platinum hair

  10. Glee is absolutely cursed. Also, what he did to Melissa Benoist will forever be disgusting. Blake Jenner is an abusive asshole and his character on glee was quite frankly annoying.

  11. Kim is gorgeous but this eye makeup is not doing her any favors here and I am so tired of this platinum hair era

  12. I can’t think of any woman, who enjoys public humiliation as much as she does. To say her self esteem is in the toilet, cannot be understated.

  13. We need to address this timeline. If the surrogate is ready to give birth does that not mean that she was pregnant by the time Trashcan’s last scandal came out?? His youngest son should be around 7 months now meaning that the surrogate was at least 2 months pregnant when the news came out. This is a goddamned mess

  14. This has to be why he publicly apologized to Khloe too…If this baby was already planned that makes everything so much worse. I wonder if they are going to continue the narrative that Khloe is single and moved on.

  15. Jill Marie Jones is absolutely stunning. I just hated that period of time where she consistently had those ugly ass grandma wigs on

  16. I’m just coming from a recent rewatch. In the show it said she was 20, however, I always thought that the actress looked a bit older than that (with that being said she’s stunning).

  17. He’s also the type of mf to say oopsie daisy after dropping something

  18. North reminds me of one the anime characters on Hunter x Hunter iykyk

  19. She is 100% giving canary vibes here and I’m here for it

  20. Madonna will always been an icon, however, it’s sad to see the pressure the industry creates for older women. Women aren’t allowed to embrace aging in the same sense that men do. I just wish that she would chill out on social media

  21. i heard iCarly is doing good. I think it depends on how the cast felt about each other. everyone on icarly likes each other, victorious probably could of happened but Ariana is too big for it and the rest have different careers, etc

  22. Ariana has actually said that she would return for a victorious finale. Most of the cast seems onboard with that idea. Personally I’d love to see some sort of victorious movie, rather than a full rebooted show. That way they can finally give us the conclusion we always deserved

  23. Love Naomi Scott! Anyone remember lemonade mouth?? Or better yet, terra nova??

  24. I was going to say, my introduction her was lemonade mouth. That movie was an absolute banger and had a chokehold on my childhood

  25. I watched Dreamgirls initially as a kid and loved it. Watching it again as an adult, I was shook once I started to notice the parallels between the Dream girls and the Supremes (Diane Ross, Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, etc.)

  26. Original member of the Supremes Mary Wilson stated that Dreamgirls was more accurate than anyone ever knew… and that was when the show was on Broadway.

  27. That’s partially what I was referencing! I went down a major dream girls/ supremes rabbit hole after rewatching and that’s when I discovered Wilson’s interviews surrounding her book.

  28. It was supposed to look real. The girls were so stressed out and one of them even cried

  29. Okay this is absolutely adorable and completely gorgeous. I love this build so much here is my poor man’s award 🥇

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