1. So, if I share a funny story but aftwards tell that it was not funny you need to unlaugh your reaction because it was misinformation and potentially dangerous to your humor and the democracy?

  2. No, because a story's status as amusing or not to a listener depends entirely on the listener, whereas veracity has an external yardstick.

  3. Actually I did click on the link, but it didn’t go anywhere. I think it’s the moral of the story that is the important part here, not the details. How many stories have you heard/read that the moral is the important part? This is just another one of them.

  4. Yeah fidelity told me it takes 30 business days which is Jan 31. So I'm on to other ventures until the next inevitable can gets kicked down the road.

  5. Why would NB be scared? They didn't do anything wrong. It's the DTCC, SEC, FINRA, prime brokers, and hedgefunds that fucked this up.

  6. You may consider being tested for sleep apnea. Can you find out if you snore?

  7. Everyone seems to be forgetting the other 335mil shares that NBH is authorized to release at any time for raising capital to continue operations. The most likely outcome is the demand for shares for the brokers will push negotiations, the shares will be released so the brokers can settle. Making NBH millions/billions and we sit with our hands down our pants with diluted shares. I hope I’m wrong but it’s the only thing that makes sense for the brokers and NBH

  8. Suppose they do release the remaining authorized, bringing the total count to 500 million shares.

  9. It will take time to replace all placeholders with Next Bridge shares. I would not bother until the new year.

  10. Well I'm not going to be fussing over this at the end of the year!

  11. The part you missed is some of us remembered the heady days of GameStop and gradually liquidated out of the trade, making a handsome profit in the process. There is always a greater fool but the greatest is likely the one that understands the situation but does not profit by it.

  12. Why, do oil and gas assets stop existing when the price of oil rises?

  13. Over the next 5 to 10 years I am bullish on oil and natural gas. They are hard assets that can’t be printed.

  14. I misread your post as implying you think the oil and gas case is suspect. Never mind, carry on.

  15. I ate a butternut squash soup the day before the Lehman Brothers collapse. Coincidence!?!?!?

  16. The short answer is yes. Neuroplasticity is trainable and lifelong.

  17. Could you share some ways to reverse this feeling that my brain is getting dumber by day.

  18. I will be patient but I’m sorry…. Fuck respect. I grew up with “you get what you give.” These assholes have disrespected all walks of life, all different cultures, etc. with what they have pulled today. I lost a lot but not anything near what others have lost. Yes, half of my IRA was wiped out but I can recoup. It will take a while but I can do it. I’m an 8-5 asshole trying to better my family’s lives by putting money away and investing in good stocks/ plays and with the flip of a switch, half of what I’ve busted my ass for was taken away. So fuck the respect. They didn’t respect me or my family when they decided to change the rules from the day before and blindsided all of us.

  19. First off, you don’t know me.. second, by saying “again”, you are surmising you know me and my financial situation.. yes, I shared some of my situation here but not all of it.

  20. Okay, so if it continues you’ll be able to sell them at a great price to others when it does continue. Even better, you can sell them for xxxx, name your price! What a steal!

  21. I said nothing of the sort, so you should point your bargain bin snark in a direction where it would be relevant.

  22. That's my best estimate, but there isn't enough information for the level of confidence that would make me comfortable. My basis was low, my capital is recovered, and I will walk away with a small reward if it all goes to nothing. I have no incentive to move at this moment.

  23. How did the play make "enough sense" for you if you knew "little" about it?

  24. How widely publicized do you think MMTLP is really, short of those in the know, nobody is really paying attention to this stock. MMAT waited until the last 2 weeks before NB to announce that it is happening so that sounds like the company building it's own trap.

  25. Among those who were short? I would imagine one hundred percent were aware, and we were aware of the possibility for months.

  26. SHF were short on VW due to poor sales and 2008 financial crisis. There were not many shares on the open market due to corporate ownership, then Porsche offers cash for calls basically margin calling all shorts. Since there were so few shares on the open market bidding wars or short squeeze started.

  27. With the key exception that Porsche was a single buyer which purchased first and announced second, thus building its own trap and leaving no room for doubt about strategy or coordination.

  28. Meh, what a bunch of hogwash. I guess Luhmann's cult will downvote me away, but it's no surprise he was never elected to the academy and nobody really takes him seriously these days (beyond a few people that seem to have been misled into believing he invented the Zettelkasten).

  29. This is the first time I have read (of) Luhmann, and I can already see the value in his words. You seem to be dismissing him as hogwash simply because he has not deigned to make himself comprehensible without effort.

  30. I'm intending to draw down my position to a thousand shares, so if it did happen I'd not be so wealthy as to never work, but certainly very comfortable.

  31. If you continue to attribute market moves against your interests to conspiracy, you will continue to be a loser.

  32. My long-distance relationship created the same challenge, so I hope my experience will be useful.

  33. So this will rise to the thousands just like GME did–which is to say, not at all?

  34. This is nothing like GME and I am yet to complete my move away from it (and BBBY). Yes it is a bit worrying seeing posts from "apes", knowing that the gme and bbby subs are cults now. But this is way different.

  35. I take it as hollow bloviating based on extrapolating the most hopeful datum available. It's wishful thinking.

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