1. Nobody wants knockoff clubhouse spam.

  2. I'm thinking of getting Lou's or Gino's shipped frozen. I hope those are on another level.

  3. I wonder if Lou’s ships the meatless pie. I love that thing.

  4. I’ve not seen it appear in any of my home purchases, or in the thousands of homes I closed when I did that work.

  5. Are we sure the little piece isn’t Wickard?

  6. Went to the show in Melbourne FL a month ago. Good show but the “meet and greet” was an absolutely joke at $50 per person for a picture.

  7. Yeah, wasn’t doing that. Paid $10/seat more than the cheapest seats and sat in the second row.

  8. A “we reviewed your report” email re

  9. After Reddit dabbled with putting a kiddy fiddler into a position of authority over multiple subs that primarily catered to minors, it's going to be interesting to see how this one goes for them.

  10. I fear we’re going to get another shooter and have it linked back to one of the local subreddits.

  11. I feel like he looks more like OG Blippi than Blippi 2 does.

  12. He actually did a good job and, yes, does look more like the real guy.

  13. Thanks, and yes. Dude is getting rich.


  15. Why is the Ruth Sent Us image with the justices’ addresses allowed to be posted everywhere today? I reported it and was told it doesn’t violate the content policy.

  16. I sort of like what they did with the wall hvac registers.

  17. may have some options.

  18. I’m happy to help out if you need.

  19. That money tree is an interesting mix of expensive and cheap. Kudos.

  20. They also need to clean up the marijuana injection site behind the clubhouse in phase one. Being in phase 3 we have more block captains and security agents patrolling the perimeter. This is to protect the interests of the golf course superintendents cigar shop that some disrespectful teenagers tagged the other day during a tournament by defacing some of the political signs placed adjacent to the fairway behind my unit.

  21. The injection site and open air drug market are historic; without them we’d not have anything. You can’t just pop in and gentrify everything. Retaining cultural elements are critical to our community’s identity.

  22. Thanks for sharing - I used your link/referral and signed up!

  23. Thanks! It took them a little while to match me with a farm, but it’s really paying off right now. My Pepco bill last month was just $12 since I received $68.88 in credits from my portion ( 576 kWh ) of power generated by the farm.

  24. How did you like the i3 and how do you like the Model Y?

  25. The i3 was great as a city car. The suicide doors worked great with the Cybex Sirona rotating car seat. It’s amazingly roomy. It’s fun to drive. It’s quirky and when you pass other i3 drivers most of the time they wave.

  26. The developer messed up and failed to transfer the land to the HOA while the developer still had control over the board. That means the developer continues to be responsible for taxes, insurance, etc. associated with that property -- something the developer wants to quickly escape.

  27. This is a dumb take - you don't want the developer abandoning property in your association.

  28. This can vary wildly depending on where you live and how the parking is operated.

  29. I live above one of their locations and am relatively certain I've seen their laundry service and the ecolab people delivering regularly. When was your experience?

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