1. We paid it off last summer. We were 39 back then. Now we don't have to worry about interest rates and greedflation.

  2. You paid off your mortgage by 39? Damn. Mind sharing how you did it?

  3. I really hope our 80m roster and 40m core can make a splash this playoffs. Get this kid in a couple games before the end of the season if he wants to join but we should not be counting on a college player at this time.

  4. Auston and Mitch sure made a splash in their first seasons. Not saying Knies is either of them, but assuming he won’t help us is just as silly as expecting him to be the reason we win the cup.

  5. Sell this one once you find the same card with better centering. I’d bet you can sell yours for nearly the same value.

  6. Sell both and buy one of the zards. Don’t rip these, I ripped 2 and it was the worst opening experience of my life.

  7. Brilliant stars is so undervalued. I think to complete set it’s only 800-900 usd (single wise) Where chilling reign is like 500 usd more. Chilling reign booster box will be worth more out of print as things stand But I think BS will eventually have higher value cards than reign.

  8. Brilliant stars is undervalued in what way? The Charizard is pretty great, sort of underwhelming tbh and beyond that the set doesn’t really have THAT much going for it. Chilling Reign is massive and has a ton of great chase cards. I’d say Chilling Reign is the undervalued set.

  9. A lot of new collectors don't realize that their cards aren't actually rare and they are being convinced to pay more and more until tipping points like the prices for "Clay Burst". Moonbreon is a good example. There are hundreds on eBay, thousands that have been graded and the set is still being printed. It's not rare in the slightest yet people are paying absurd prices for it.

  10. I mean, the Umbreon is definitely rare. Just because there’s hundreds or a few thousand available on the market doesn’t mean it isn’t. I’d argue millions of boxes of Evolving Skies have been opened in the English language version alone.

  11. Stilllll looking for 1-2 tickets for tonight’s show in Van!

  12. Still looking for 1-2 tickets for tonight’s show at the Commodore in Vancouver!

  13. Selling 2 tickets to sold out Vancouver Show on Thursday March 16th! Selling for face value, we can’t go and just want to not lose money :)

  14. I ran into Nylander at a taco shop on King St. W. on Mother's day and asked if he'd given his mom a call yet, hahaha. I'm an idiot.

  15. If you can find clean versions (most have some damage), I’d say SM240 (Espeon/Deoxys) and SM241 (Umbreon/Darkrai) promo’s. The mew and Mewtwo one as well, I think it’s SM191.

  16. How do you think the Japanese versions will do compared to the English promos?

  17. They’re already 10x the value of English so I’m not sure. I really don’t know enough about the Japanese market, but the longer we get out from their release, so long as the market stays strong, I only see growth. They’re tag team which has only been done once, they’re essentially an alternate art and they feature incredibly popular Pokemon so that says enough for me.

  18. I've probably opened 500 packs of Evovling Skies and never hit one of these so yeah... I'm jealous as hell.

  19. Check out Hell’s Itch. There’s a subreddit dedicated to it. Taking showers is temporary relief. Do not apply oils or aloe Vera. Take ibuprofen and antihistamines, drink as much water as you can fathom and cover up.

  20. You know, now that I think about it, I think people are confused. Active development means they are making the game right now as we speak. I think it’s being used in a general sense here. In that I agree. The game is definitely being conceptualized.

  21. Games take years to make. Assuming the series breaks TLOU2 into two seasons a year and a half apart or so, I’d bet we can expect a Part 3 in 2026 to get ready for season 3 of the series.

  22. Everyone in the US who looks up any kind of news regularly on the internet has no excuse not have been aware during Covid

  23. Who cares though? Maybe folks thought their old cards were lost ages ago and didn't look? You sound like a child tbh - the disbelief most people have when others find their old collections is hilarious.

  24. I’ve found the Facebook group TML Ticket Source to be a great help. If you wait until last minute, a lot of these folks are willing to come down in price significantly from what I could tell.

  25. We’re on our last day on the big island tomorrow and we had some key things we wanted to do but no crazy itinerary like seen on here.

  26. I had the same dismal first experience snorkeling with the manta rays. I had heard such amazing things that I knew I had to try again. I booked through Jack’s Diving Locker the 2nd time. The snorkel was farther north than the first one. And it was an absolutely amazing experience. I would highly, highly recommend you do the night dive, and make sure you do it with an operator that takes you north.

  27. I guess we’ll have to try again when we come back! Happy to hear your second experience was much better than apparently both of our firsts!

  28. I'd agree if there wasn't also a Rayquaza V and VMAX alt to overshadow it. Ray was extremely over saturated in SWSH and most subsets cards don't retain value past rotation so the card could continue to dip as time goes on

  29. What subsets are you referring to? And which of those cards are as good as the Rayquaza vmax TG? Sure, the alt arts from evolving skies are more rare and sought after, but anyone who doesn’t have the money to shell out on those will move to this. It’s a fantastic card. I expect it, the pikachu vmax TG from lost origin and the Starmie TG from Astral Radiance to all continue to gain significantly from here on out. I expect Starmie to be the star of the Astral Radiance set in the long run.

  30. Subsets in general. Whether it's something like baby shinies from holiday sets to something like the radiant collection from Generations and Legendary Treasures. The pull rates are too high so over time the supply outweighs demand and the price can't be maintained. And this is stuff (BW-SM) that was WAY less printed than SWSH . It's going to be much worse with SWSH singles because so many people are holding sealed long-term. Older cards only rise in value because the scarcity factor comes into play so prices cant correct. With hyper modern it won't follow that pattern because the product will continue to be opened years after release which means even if the value of a card starts to rise, it will correct again as more people open product to chase it.

  31. Are we talking about the same card? TG20 from Silver tempest.

  32. That would be really low for a contractor.

  33. Is there that much contract work for data analysis? If so, count me in.

  34. Do Taylor swift fans really like the “I’m the problem it’s me” song? It has to be some of the worst song writing and lyricism I’ve had the displeasure of listening to in my life and I can’t seem to understand someone genuinely enjoying it.

  35. Once upon a time I stumbled upon Strange Cacti before anyone else was really onto Angel. I remember E-mailing her booking agent to try to get her to play a show in Toronto (as if some random kid could garner a show in his city - they did respond though!). Half Way Home came out and she finally came to town. I think there were max 50 people in the room. Years later I sat in a sold out theatre watching her perform on the All Mirrors tour.

  36. With full autonomy, your car could work for you, acting as an Uber while you aren’t using it.

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