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  1. 14 days luteal phase. 21 days before I ovulate.

  2. A week from now I'll probably have my period, but for the next 7ish days I will be symptom spotting spotting like crazy.

  3. A device that makes non-empathetic people feel what others are feeling.

  4. I was on a river boat tour in South Carolina, we passed by the famous golden rice fields with a few other tourist onboard. As the captain gave his tour, he spoke of the harsh living conditions slaves had to endure. A passenger chimed in with a question about the slaves

  5. Clementine is a type of orange where I am from. It's like naming a kid Mandarine.

  6. 7 DPO and cannot stop symptom-spotting. aaaaargh!! AF won't be here for another week, but I am already feeling "nauseous" and my nipples "look darker". Why am I doing this to myself??!!

  7. This is probably just an excuse to visit Krakow or Budapest

  8. I cannot say who is TA, but I can say that you need family counselling.

  9. Not exactly in the same position but I see it this way:

  10. wait? you started ttc in December and you are on cycle 5? wow... i am on cycle 6 after6 months haha

  11. Post a picture of Anna's bridal gown next to it

  12. Any female that picked Egypt doesn't know what she got herself into

  13. have a female friend who lives in Cairo and she loved it

  14. So, you totally forgot that European media and US American liberal media was very critical of all of these and millions demonstrated against the Iraq War?

  15. Erm.. You are married but keep all of your financial stuff seperate? Why? How would you (singular) even manage when you have a kid? Financially? This is so weird for me. You know, for better and for worse. So, also through debts and splitting bills. I cannot imagine it differently.

  16. wait... Pixie reminds her of Olivia or what did I miss here?

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