1. Some people say it leads to fungus and mold but I've honestly never had an issue. If I forget in the morning I'll water it in the evening, or even (gasp!) at midday. I feel like a lot of gardening rules of thumb get overstated a bit.

  2. Ah, okay. That’s interesting. I started watering at night because it was suggested for fuscias and I just figured I’d turn it into a daily habit. I’ll keep an eye out for mold and fungus issues!

  3. And you think the ppl in charge next time will be benevolent philosophers. If an ideology results in genocide every time it’s ever put into practice, it’s a bad ideology.

  4. Pretty sure no modern world power can say they are clean from committing genocide through their history. Not defending Russia, but I don’t think this comment holds much weight.

  5. The blood and ash series by Jennifer Armentrout is a good one. It builds through the books and she is a badass from the beginning.

  6. Not much traffic and people on the app don't seem to be able to part with money. I regularly see people pricing books at $1-$3 and their books still sit there. With $5 off codes they are practically giving their books away and they still can't move them. Huge letdown on what I was hoping would be an improvement over eBay. If you have the time, people buy on eBay.

  7. I decided to try it out and have sold 21 books in 2 months. I think it definitely could be better. You are right about people not wanting to part with their money.

  8. I'm just getting ready to try to sell on Pango. What price point did you find sold best?

  9. I’m doing $5 for paperbacks and $7 for hardcovers. It works for me since I purchase books in good condition from thrift stores. Then I’ll have sales every once in a while 25% price drops or so.

  10. {{the library at mount char}} by Scott Hawkins. It’s dark and weird. One of my favorite books!

  11. The {{Unwind}} series is excellent! And is dystopian, weird and dark.

  12. Second this! I read this probably 15 years ago and still think of a certain scene out of this book.

  13. Every kalanchoe I have ever had has gotten aphids.

  14. You already have so many suggestions but I hope you pick this one up sometime.

  15. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m not OP but this looks right up my alley and I have never heard of it.

  16. Oh I think you’ll like it! Its so weird and the authors first book. He is a computer programmer.

  17. A quick google search told me it means “did not finish”.

  18. Good Lord just fucking build apartment buildings. I don’t get the tiny house lunacy. It’s a novelty. Build nice looking apartments (that will be bigger than a tiny house) and call it a day. Maybe then people will actually live in what you build.

  19. Did you read why no one is living in them?

  20. Oh I just wanted to know if I should really put a lot of effort into researching it. I wanna get the country right but I don't feel like learning like every law about the country or anything political. So I wanted to know if I should really research or just make a fictional setting.

  21. How invested are you in the act of being a writer?

  22. What kind of journal is this? I’d like to learn how to make it!

  23. If you were drafted you didn’t have a choice either that or jail which some chose. Ali himself choose jail time over fighting that’s better than running to another country.

  24. So I was specifically asking what you would do if you were drafted. I figure if you think fleeing you another country is cowardly you would think the same about going to jail. Since, according to you, someone else was going to have to take your place.

  25. I meant what would you do if your number came up?

  26. Firstly, what i feel is under the pretenses that the producers didn't completely have their hands in all this..... which they did. So taking this at face value:

  27. I don’t feel like she acted as though it was his fault. She even said she wasn’t mad. She was saying she wouldn’t be able to be with someone who slept with another person (2 in fact) that week.

  28. Maybe not the best idea for on demand books. I think this would be nice for local authors who aren’t looking at publishing through a large company. The bookstores could have a local author selection, too! Might bring in more money from a wider audience.

  29. my technique is called Neubind. Its purpose is to make a book more about the textblock and less about the cover (i was used to case binding), to reduce production time and tediousness, and to minimize the room for imperfections. Making it much easier and quicker to make a good quality and good looking book. It is a combination of Coptic Stitch and Sewn Board binding with my own twists on it. It has only one waiting time (the glue on the spine). Im still undecised if I should publish it explaining how it works, or even how I could that.

  30. I’d be cool to see how you did it if you decide to share!

  31. Nice! Did you come up with it yourself? Are the keys supposed to be specific dimensions?

  32. Thank you! I looked at how professional sewing frames work and used whatever I could find to recreate one. As for the keys, I don't know if they're supposed to be a specific size so I just kind of guessed XD

  33. Thanks for sharing this. It looks really resourceful and creative!

  34. This. I've said it before you wanna sucede? Go for it. Let's see Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, get along without the billions of dollars generated by the "blue states". Go ahead and have your little confederacy. It was crushed before and would be done so again if needed. This time however, there is no forgiveness or actions pardoned. One of the biggest mistakes the Republic ever made was allowing the confederacy to continue on in any form, "for the sake of the nation and unity."

  35. I feel as though it wouldn’t be like last time. If there were a call to arms there are a lot of people outside the cities in states north of the Mason-Dixon who would want to answer. This goes for the west coast, too.

  36. I feel like joining the military in any capacity doesn't really count as dodging the draft...

  37. Yeah, but -and I may be wrong- I thought it was a way to avoid being put in the front lines.

  38. Do you mind talking about your process for hiding the spine fabric under the fabric on the cover?

  39. Sure! I use to see other people hide their tabs under the cover fabric and kept trying to figure out how they did it to no avail. I ended up just cutting small slits in the cover and pulling the tabs through. The slits shouldn't be any bigger than 1/8", otherwise the hole is to big and the tab won't sit cozily. You also just have to make sure that you align your tab measurements with your sewing stations on the folios to ensure they line up.

  40. Thank you very much! This helps a lot :)

  41. I mean that's fine, but it's also not as easy as just "let's boycott." Remember you have hundreds of athletes who have trained their whole lives for this. And there are hundreds of American businesses that do business in China, do we demand that they stop it?

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