Excellent sleight of hand with a camera angle allowing us to see what the magician is doing for once. Awesome.

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  1. Ted was the best I got bus schedules and winter leagues from him.

  2. 1st time I have to ask her to move her hair I’d be polite, respectful, and understanding.

  3. I’d bet that they didn’t tip the Uber Eats driver. #tacosforjesus

  4. I’ll never not upvote this. That scene had me rollin, son!

  5. Call me crazy but the worst part of this is the part where the owner says she was making a video to post how blessed she is.

  6. Sadly, it does matter though. I live in DeSoto but in 2015, a gay woman in the Tate Co Sheriff Office ran for a constable post. She lost by ~200 votes. In the course of the campaign, one of her campaign signs was stuck in the ground on the Courthouse lawn with slurs on it that were targeted toward gay ppl. That wouldn't have happened had she not been gay. It's a good think for all different kinds of ppl to serve and bring their skills to the table. I've known 1 person tell me she (the woman who ran) has sat down full grown burly men on their ass when she was a patrol cop

  7. My comment was more about how I choose candidates and how I think people should vote, but I know it’s wishful thinking/hoping.

  8. I understood your comment - sorry that I came across snippy. Just wanted to share a related story I know of.

  9. Oh I know. I wasn’t implying that you were snippy 😉. You’re all good!

  10. Thanks for the post, OP. Much better than seeing yet another Wander card!

  11. So, just a word to the wise, don't look up users with gizmo in their name. Or do, it was a wild ride. You'll find:

  12. You’re the hero we didn’t know we needed. Enjoy that gold, son!

  13. If you grab them wrong you might get stabbed under the fingernail.

  14. Mitch Moreland (Amory/Mississippi State/MLB) - 2018 WS Champion.

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