1. You need support as well, it helps doing this with other people to cheer you on. Check out the diabetes discord, it helped me feel motivated with my depression having people cheer me on with my progress and I’m sure it’ll help you too

  2. I have PCOS. It can cause all sorts of fun things: severe weight gain (I personally gained ~50lbs in a year despite changing no diet or exercise habits. Most women actually have it worse), hair growth on the face (like, a literal beard) and other places where you'd normally find it on a man, severe cramping/general pain, loss of periods, loss of fertility, loss of libido (mine is literally gone, where I used to have a very high libido).... It just fucks you up so hard that you become a shell of yourself.

  3. Pcos haver here, it literally gave me type 2 diabetes along with destroying my self esteem (who wants a gf with no libido who has to shave her face daily and has a beer belly but no weight anywhere else??) it’s hard.. like it’s so exhausting, I’m lucky I don’t want kids bc I can’t imagine adding the extra anguish of wanting children with this condition.

  4. Dude, are you me? 😭 My marriage is literally in shambles bc of PCOS destroying my libido and my self esteem and I'm pre-diabetic too. I'm waiting for the facial hair problems to start bc that's literally the only big symptom I've gotten away with not having. All my head hair is falling out in handfuls. I look such a mess nowadays, it's awful.

  5. I’m giving you the biggest hug rn people don’t realize how much this can affect us, it was literally debated whether this made us intersex at some point like it’s a really big deal! It’s huge and people are like well it’s not fun you don’t wanna eat carbs and drink🙄

  6. Marley and his owner are well known in the Central Park area. Marley is always off leash. Many times I've seen him terrify kids by rushing up to them. Marley and another dog took off across ONDP chasing / fighting. They ran into a soccer game and collided with a woman, taking out her knee and sending her to the ER with a torn ligament. The owner didn't even come over to apologize. He's defensive and dismissive when confronted about his refusal to leash his dog.

  7. Sounds like my dad with our pitbull I’m dreading the day we move and his bullheadedness gets him into trouble

  8. I got it last year from Kohls! Lauren Conrad brand!

  9. Isn’t it a narc quality to think you should only interact with important and “high quality” people? Hm….

  10. I really don't like how thoroughly Fandom as a concept has been commodified. Someone's enjoyment of a work or body of works isn't contingent upon how much money they have spent on it or how much merchandise they own. I get that you're using this argument against racism to portray them as outside agitators, but it's still a really shit argument rooted in classism and the worst aspects of capitalist fan culture.

  11. You’re totally right. The biggest fans of something can be those who don’t buy any merch or visit Disneyland or any of those things. Absolutely right, I guess the point im getting across is I highly doubt this person is a big Disney princess fan with or without spending any money.

  12. Why would you doubt that? Disney Princesses are among the largest entertainment IPs in the world, and are (or at least were until very recently) considered by many socially conservative communities to be an acceptable source of entertainment. Racism is a pretty common feature of socially conservative communities, and members of those communities would be among the most likely to voice their disapproval of creative decisions that they see as running counter to those social values. Hell, because of how social conservatism positively correlates with income in the US, Disney Princess fans who own large amounts of merch and who can regularly afford trips to Disney resorts are statistically more likely than poorer fans to hold racist views.

  13. You know you’re pointing out a lot to me I didn’t think abt. I guess my mind immediately went to a crusty neckbeard the second a porn star was included as a possibility to play Ariel like in my mind a conservative trying to protect the fragile sensibilities of their darling baby children wouldn’t mention a porn star no matter how much they look like Ariel.

  14. It took me a minute to realize they think Juneteenth is bc of George Floyd I’m gonna have to lay down and close my eyes a second

  15. I am hoping it isn't true. But, several people in FFG's chat last night said that is what their cats passed from very recently and that is what Ollie had.

  16. I hope she goes to put her down before it gets too bad bc I know she won’t buy any special food or medication for the poor old girl. Kidney failure is what usually gets older cats right? She’s like 21 ):

  17. It is breaking my heart. FFG had an idea to pay peetz to do it. But, Casey is so hated by Peetz and I really feel that Peetz wants Chins to feel the way he did when Timbit died.

  18. It gets horrible at the end I can’t imagine the pain she deserves a good end a kind end I’m tearing up just thinking abt how when it does happen if they do take her in they’re gonna leave her in the room alone afraid with strangers instead of Chantal actually being with her in her last moments

  19. ): this feels like a back handed compliment like a “bless your heart” anyway…love her purse and that sweater she pulled on Id so wear that 🥺

  20. The stuffed animals is a dead giveaway 😂 (my daughter’s a cancer sun and neeeeeeeds stuffed animals)

  21. The one pictured is for my baby cousin but you’d be surprised how many of those Jellycats tempt me daily (how dare they be so cute!)

  22. Well this explains it, I thought abt cave drawings a bit too long yesterday and started to cry during work so it begins…

  23. You ever want a piercing but also get really nervous before it? Or a tattoo? I always put these type of things down to that type of situation you can want something but worry it’ll hurt or be weird.

  24. He can buy all the cards he wants, he's still banned from the game, thank god no one has to vs someone like him, just imagine the game against him, Jesus Christ

  25. Yeah as someone who works every release since late 2019 like you can’t physically stop someone from buying the cards I don’t understand this post lmao and Im not even in this community as a player or anything. The only thing is that if this is Dominaria United he shouldn’t physically be holding any of those cards til Friday 9/9? At least I don’t think so? Maybe he’s close enough friends with someone working pre releases who’s been cracking packs but if Wizards finds out which store that is they might not be happy.

  26. We really don’t get enough credit for doing this we always get told we’re precious sponge babies that absorb everyone’s negative energy and like maybe! But I can let it seep out too!

  27. It’s extra hurtful because as a FN I’ve always felt kind of large and awkward and have literally thought of myself as “a women trapped inside of a gender neutral body” many times. I still kind of see myself as manly and not feminine a lot the time tbh

  28. *Virtual hug * It’s hard enough not fitting the standard of femininity, I don’t need a YouTuber to reinforce all those insecurities when I’m just trying to learn to dress better and embrace the body I have 🙏

  29. Being an FN with PCOS like my brain tells me this is what everyone thinks when they see me like it takes nothing to think a moment before speaking and wondering if you’re insulting them. -hugs back-

  30. My Venus in Aries is screaming at my to switch all my earth toned and green pieces to reds now

  31. When I was little I picked up a fluffy black and white caterpillar, was crying for hours later as my whole body itched and I sat in the shower confused as to why I couldn’t make it stop ):

  32. Idk how to express it but if they made stuffed animals of clomper, shrumbo, radlad, or fleeble I’d go pretty broke pretty quick

  33. Call me basic but my first ooblet was a shrumbo and I love that little lad with every fibre of my being.

  34. I'm a cap and I just don't really like talking about whimsical or casual shit. Personally it bores me to no end.

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