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  1. Ironically since the new system started my teammates are playing more aggressively (even when it doesn't make sense). i.e.yesterday one of my teammates wanted to go in a building and fist fight a whole squad.

  2. Then you get third partied and that precious loot didn't matter for shit. 🙃

  3. I honestly think it's stupid to judge someone by the character they pick. If a person is a shity teammate they will be like that with any legend.

  4. I mean, it's sad, but apex community can be toxic af and there's nothing you really can do besides muting them, not becoming like them and/or not playing. Some people even enjoy it and they will troll you even if you're good. Me and a teammate got insulted af in an arenas game where we were against an equally good team, we made it to sudden death and at the end we lost. We all did almost 3,000 damage each and he made like 100 more than us and just for that he felt entitled to insult us. We just laughed and he got even angrier. 😂

  5. Hi! Are you active? Whats the dynamic of the club? Also timezone? I just want to make sure I really have someone to play with 🥲

  6. Ok but, let's talk about Caustic. All that green gas would turn the map into a public bathroom.

  7. I also wanted to be able to crouch spam (if that's the correct term) and customized the inputs on a regular ps4 controller:

  8. I think is a server error or something. Mine did the same thing today and now it's fixed.

  9. CAREFUL choldren, THIS is what happens when sex before marrige!!!!!!

  10. “Doesn’t steal your loot” is the only problem I have with this post. Look at any top tier player, they don’t gaf who loots what. Everyone should loot and shield swap as fast as possible to be ready for a 3rd, 4th, and 5th party. Had a pub player bitching me out for that yesterday because they killed someone that I did 75% of the damage to. I’ve been in masters ranked for the last 3 seasons and it’s just second nature to loot quickly as soon as it’s over. The turnover time should be seconds so you’re ready for the inevitable next push. The kid who bitched me out was taking about 30 seconds per box. Annoyed as fuck with people that think any sort of loot is “theirs”.

  11. Yeah, I don't care if you take my stuff if I'm dead and I don't mean the loot of a kill either. What I meant was, for example, if I open a bin and you quickly run behind me to take the stuff before I do even though they're numerous other bins in the area. I mean, what are you doing?

  12. Biggest thing I ask is for my team to just fight together. My biggest pet peeve is getting into a reasonable fight, just to find out that my team is still slurping loot from every supply bin after I’ve been pinging, cracking, maybe downing enemies in a fight right next to them. Or when we are finally fighting together, and wraith Q’s away across the map leaving me 1v2 to die ):

  13. OMG yeah! last night I won a 1v2, but the last member downed me, only to then realize my 2 teammates abandoned me running away from the first round storm 🙃

  14. Omg yes! it's like your competing against the enemy AND your own teammates.

  15. Sheesh... he always acts like a baby having a tantrum. He's an amazing player but a complete asshole as a teammate. I wouldn't play with him for all the money in the world. I can't even watch his streams imagine dealing with him everyday. 💀

  16. Sweats usually mean the person is trying really hard, playing seriously instead of messing around. Prioritizing winning instead of having fun.

  17. I though so, I read some comments here on Reddit that were talking about it in a negative tone? Is playing like that considered a bad thing?

  18. Yeah and nah. Some people literally play this game for a living so when you and some friends are just trying to kick back and enjoy a few rounds it gets frustrating when you die to players who have 50,000 kills as one character or Masters badges or 20 kills in a single round etc.

  19. She's 25, she's not a little girl. She's an adult woman completely capable of making her own decisions. I'm a 28 year old woman who likes older men (late thirties, early forties) nothing wrong with that or with you guys dating.

  20. Where was this??! I have played this game so many times and never saw this 🥺

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