1. Charizard, just to keep everyone away from me.

  2. Where does the money for the universal healthcare come from, hmmm I wonder

  3. You look like a guy who thinks pi is approximately 4.

  4. Banning abortion. The same people writing these laws to ban it will and do get them in a heartbeat.

  5. I'd give you a thousand upvotes if I could

  6. There is no point arguing with idiots.

  7. Palpatine wants to have a word with you.

  8. Human. Or any other animal that lives in Australia.

  9. "You were so irritating this year we decided to make an award for you. Yay!"

  10. Well I am 32 but I still look forward to times when I actually start acting my age. Not gonna happen anytime soon, I'm afraid.

  11. Soon after we started dating. I still don't know how I knew she was different. Somehow it was very clear to me that one day I'm going to marry that woman. And I did.

  12. Jos tarkenee olla, niin anna mennä.

  13. What does this say about you? Not much, to be honest. You just happen to like the band and there's nothing wrong with that. I guess it's a good thing you don't buy albums of that band anymore, tho.

  14. Manufacturers just want to mess with us.

  15. Basically no point for the guilty. That person's going to die in jail anyway. But the rest of us can think justice has been served, since one life sentence clearly wasn't enough for a criminal that evil. Like "wow, that fucker was so bad he got 2 life sentences, so if he dies and reborns again, he'd still be in jail".

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