1. Robbed in a home invasion robbery with a gun, we didn't have any money . I gave him what I had in my pocket and he left but the arsehole came back and adding insult to injury stole the case of Ramen noodles my mom bought us at Sam's.

  2. Im sorry that happened to you. If its any consolation, i once got robbed by a group of meth heads who broke into my house and started beating the ever living shit out of me. Dumb motherfuckers didnt even find the meth so they kidnapped my dog.

  3. were you uh, dealing meth at the time?

  4. Nice try officer. But yeah i was and i ended up going to prison partly because of it, not worth it, dont sell drugs, stay in school.

  5. His post is also inaccurate anyway. Such as the wide ranging claims of 'the natives supported France as France was the good guys!'.

  6. Pretty hardcore move to send some dudes to kill and eat a dude though. Have to give props for that.

  7. Exactly. I’d also point out that anyone who is using a sauna/ice bath regularly is probably already fit (or at least trying to be) so it’s more likely that the boost they are getting in their life is from a different source like exercise/dieting/good habits rather than just the sauna alone.

  8. Ive been going to the sauna since i was a baby and ive also been working out for most of my life and i can with 100% certainty say that i feel better and healthier when im working out and also going to the sauna as opposed to working out and not going to the sauna. Recently added ice cold showers to the equation and noticed that im recovering better from bjj and working out in general despite being an old piece of shit. Joe is kind of a numbskull but i vouch for him being right on this stuff.

  9. These are my favorite kind of rolls. I have three training partners ranging from 240lbs to 300lbs that I roll with. Much like you said I can’t risk letting them isolate any part of my body so I ball up and keep things tight and try to move myself around them quickly. Another thing I learned from them early was never get underneath them.

  10. I have the opposite where i wish i could roll with guys who are my size instead of guys who outweigh me by 20-30kg. Gets very frustrating because i have to focus on surviving on 100% of my rolls instead of honing my technigue lol.

  11. You got this homie. A lot of the battle is making sure you don’t let yourself be their post. Underhooks and arm drags are my life lines. Hard for the bigger guys to hold their own weight up for long.

  12. Thanks man, im gonna start looking into arm drags. It gets frustrating but the silver lining is that when we have visitors who are similar size as i am they arent a problem because i wrassle with big motherfuckers everytime lmao.

  13. Motherfucker was drugged out of his goddamn mind. I'm assuming he bled to death shortly after unless the paramedics got there in time.

  14. Having been on a few drug fueled naked rampages in my youth i can concur, this dude is dead as a doornail.

  15. Public school teachers sexually assault kids staggeringly more than catholic priests.

  16. Well America, England/Britain, and the Netherlands at least

  17. The dutch probably just get so high they mistake satelites for UFOs. God knows i have.

  18. Reminds me of something an albanian friend of mine said about serbs. Dude alledgedly got up to some shit in ex yugoslavia and said its up to allah to forgive the serbs and up to him to send them to allah.

  19. Unpopular opinion: murder shouldn't be praised.

  20. I dont see it as murder when you are defending your homeland from invaders. Invaders who also knowingly bombed civillians and started the war by bombing their own people.

  21. If Finland gets imvaded by Russia, I can just hear the Finns from my house in Canada yelling "Perkele" and "Saatana"

  22. Nah, You'd probably hear "HAKKAA PÄÄLLE POHJAN POIKA" and then russian screams of terror.

  23. Oh no bapa says he’s a really nice guy.

  24. Didnt he also lie about saving a bunch of kids from a burning car or something?

  25. I get that man, that feeling of needing to live, when i used to sell i was stabbed 3 times, kidnapped once and got the shit beat out of me countless times. But i have to leave you with a bit of advice and as hard as it may sound just stop selling and get a job, any job, i get that its hard to get a job these days but any job beats the alternative of having to worry about getting robbed, beat, killed or caught. Where selling meth got me is working a shit job with 6 years of my life gone in a penitentiary and i was luckier than some of my friends who got murdered. Im rooting for you man and i hope it all gets better for you.

  26. That's the plan, but where I live it's often more dangerous to have any of the jobs I would be able to get because of how common robberies are. I calculated how much I would need to be able to get out and move somewhere else, and bought that much, and stayed away from the harder shit that attracts the wrong people. Even though I attracted one wrong guy, it was also a dumb guy, and thankfully not the type you sadly had to deal with. I'm more than halfway, and then I'll do my absolute best to be done. I think I just got caught up in the lifestyle. I'm sorry you lost so much to the life, but hopefully it can help to know that because of all that shit you might have kept me from falling into the same hole. I'll probably come back to this comment every now and then just to remind me of the right path. I know this sounds weird coming from a kid who doesn't know what he's talking about, but I'm proud of you. You deserve better

  27. Its not all anguish im engaged and made the best of the hand i got dealt. If youve made up your mind about selling i cant convince you not to i was the same way as a kid. Just some advice from an ex meth head that ill hope youll remember lol. Stay safe and be careful 👍

  28. Not sure aliens would like to have sex with humans, not even sure they have sex to begin with.

  29. Who knows, maybe the alien equivalent of Mr Hands is gonna visit us after getting all hot and bothered over state funded smut.

  30. Evicting someone on Christmas Eve, during a snowstorm, is quite possibly the greatest feeling a landlord can have

  31. Im not the sharpest tool in the shed hell i even have mild brain damage but jesus christ some of these people should not be allowed to vote on account of having the intellectual capacity of a stick of deodorant.

  32. Ive got lumbago AND im a lazy alcoholic so id say id be a perfect fit.

  33. Good call. The gis don't have anywhere to put my pocket sand so I've been scrambling to find an alternative

  34. I just keep the sand in my mouth and spit it in to their eyes at an opportune moment. Along with my tactical tricep pinching it usually lets me submit even the highly skilled 3 stripe white belts.

  35. How do you get your mouth dry enough for good sand consistency?

  36. To add some more context, apparently the guy was considered one of the best in the Australian regional scene but couldn’t go any further because of his criminal record.

  37. Apparently he does BJJ? According to some post from r bjj

  38. I popped 4 zanny bars, woke up in jail with two violent felonies back in 2012, if I took a lie detector to this day I’d pass it bc I still have no memory whatsoever, I went to prison for 2 years bc of that, nobody got hurt it was a burglary nobody was home it’s just a violent felony in my area, had a really good job at the time and all of that, even had 300$ on me when I was arrested so no reason to b in someone’s house, that shit ruined my life but you’d think I’d learn? Nope, I just make sure sure not to pop more then 2 at a time nowadays

  39. Sorry that that happened to you buddy. If its any consolation i did 6 years for a similar situation when i used to do meth lol.

  40. Ive never heard of anyone being presented a white belt, i bought a white belt with my first gi. Before that i just used a spare that was lying around in my gym's closet. A gym isnt going to give out free white belts to people who will most likely show up for one or two classes.

  41. I got my white belt from my gym on the second class i went to. Im guessing its an old spare belt though since its signed with a marker by some dude called Galvao.

  42. I'll vote for Easter bunny if he runs vs trump. I'll vote for a cockroach if it runs vs Trump, the dude is the biggest cunt alive and he's bad for the USA, he's bad for international relations and he's bad for all countries who's dollar is fixed to the USD.

  43. Biggest cunt alive is a strong statement considering xi jinping and vladimir putin exist simultaneously with the mean orange geriatric.

  44. He was quite polite, unlike you. And you called him a facist, lol.

  45. Yes he was rather polite when he was commiting genocide on my ethnicity when he stole our ancestral homeland. Fuck you.

  46. Look up the ingrian genocide. Just goes to show how tankie mental midget fucks dont know shit about shit.

  47. I think it stems from a lot of mma fans having an irrational hatred of professional wrestling, don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with not enjoying professional wrestling but there's a particular section of mma fans who seem to be unable to handle the two being mentioned in the same conversation. So when a high profile wwe guy came over to the UFC it was no surprise that section of the fanbase got pissy about it. Get pissed at Dana all you want, but I doubt there's a person in this sub who would turn down half a million to fight in the UFC.

  48. Its especially strange because brock lesnar a WWE guy was the UFC's heavyweight champion.

  49. Russians literally took more slaves per capita from finland in the great wrath than the imperial powers did from africa during the entirety of the trans atlantic slave trade.

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