1. Dark is the best media I've ever seen involving time travel. It is so convoluted but if you really dig into it it all makes sense. It's an amazing achievement in writing, and the visuals and soundtrack are great too! Just make sure you watch in German, dubs in English are godawful and would ruin the whole show IMO.

  2. What… it’s really not, like I enjoyed the movie immensely, but it cuts most of what makes dune, dune. I understand why they did it, as the first half of Dune is a dense book, but basically all of the political intrigue is cut, Hawat is cut as a character, Mentats in general are pushed to the side, the history of the universe is more or less cut, the Orange Catholic Bible is cut, the dinner scene is cut, most of the harkonnen background is cut, the Jessica suspicion that dominates the pre-invasion is section is cut. The Duel, is radically changed and in a different spot. Jamis funeral is cut, giving water to the dead is cut, sooooo much is missing from the first few hundred pages that it misses a lot of what makes Dune.

  3. I think the second movie could open with Jamis' funeral yet. And yeah the main thing I wished they would've fleshed out is Yueh and the hunt for the traitor and suspicion it is Jessica.

  4. Yea I have the X but also have the S and still love that thing. You should have done the other Live trick where you get 3 years for 110. Best deal I’ve ever experienced lol. I’m locked in till November 2024.

  5. I'm always broke when it comes time to resub so I always use the trick to get a year, but I really should just do 3 years every time so I don't have to worry about it.

  6. Sheesh. Where do you farm and at that level what is there to do? I'm level 120, need about 105k runes to upgrade but probably have half the game to go yet.

  7. Mohgwyn's Palace at the cliffside approach bonfire is the best spot to farm I've used. Get up from bonfire, look off of cliff and shoot the bird. Bird runs off of cliff for 13k (although they might have patched this), but if they did you can also kill all the Albanauric guys sitting here for around 60k. I was getting around 70k killing the bird then all them.

  8. It had been so long since S3 that when I went to go watch this new episode, I accidentally played S3E1 and didn't realize it for like 15 minutes.

  9. Lol, it started S1E1 for me and I watched like 5 minutes before I realized it wasn't a flashback.

  10. Legally is there anything I can do if a cop takes my Delta 8 or thcA stash that is legal to have under the farm bill? I have a buddy out in Hays who's been telling me not to bring D8 there when I visit because cops treat it as completely illegal out there and are going after it even though they have no right to.

  11. Lol in a decade Pat Mahomes runs for president with Travis Kelce as VP on the 'fight for your right to party' platform. They win in a landslide and move the Capitol to Kansas City and Mahomes passes legislation with the help of ketchup lobbyists saying it's illegal to make fun of someone eating their steak with ketchup, and that ketchup must be offered at every place that serves steak.

  12. I've been watching his sim racing track laps on YouTube and it's hilarious how often he brings up something that Lewis had a problem with on a track or when something went wrong for him. The guy is obsessed with Lewis lol. Although I guess maybe he kinda had to be to beat him that one time.

  13. Present that info to the IRS as well and contest their tax exempt status

  14. Got it. Thank you! It is Seven Dolors.

  15. I was there the other week and they also have pamphlets and stuff they hand out inside the church, not sure if that makes a difference. I wanted to just grab the whole pile and throw them away but I didnt want to cause a scene and everyone there is probably voting yes already anyway so it wouldn't make a difference.

  16. Separation of church and state. As simple as that.

  17. Theres vote YES signs out in front of the church and private catholic school in the town I'm from. 99% of rural voters will vote Yes from this area. It's going to be up to younger voters and people in KS cities to get out and vote No.

  18. In central KS I've only seen yes signs. Never seen a no sign, except maybe when I was driving through Lawrence or out in KC visiting a friend.

  19. I'd be shocked if abortion laws aren't overturned. Everywhere I go in my county there are vote YES signs. Everyone religious I know will vote yes without even thinking any further about the issue other than 'the church says it's bad'. And they think they are actually saving babies from thousands of late term abortions (that aren't happening), and don't realize they will likely cause more deaths of women by banning abortions. It's sad that all these small town communities are basically hive minds where gossip trumps facts. I just hope there are enough educated people in the cities to outnumber all the rural counties, because they are all voting yes.

  20. What's worse, their own religion disagrees with their stance too. The Bible is pro-abortion, and even has instructions for how abortions should be performed, by the priest. Modern Christians have completely abandoned the Bible and are just making up their own rules nowadays.

  21. Do you have a source or do you know the verses for this? Just show I can show it to some of the more religious people I know!

  22. One of the most anti-abortion people I've ever met was a female gynecologist.

  23. Yeah, I don't really know many men who are outspoken against abortion, especially ones my age. I know far more women who are pro life, all of them very religious.

  24. Despite being a massive Blade Runner fan, I now associate this more with Super Troopers than Blade Runner. :D

  25. Was the lifeguard from Uvalde, TX?

  26. No, they would've stopped the trainer from helping if that was the case.

  27. Planet Coaster is on console now too. It’s also by Frontier. The game is pretty good on console except one huge thing - there’s a limit to the amount of park you can build. For that reason, I prefer to play it on PC, but if you aren’t building a huge, complex park, it’s still fun on console.

  28. I wish Jurassic Park Evo could have the same crowd systems and options for building that Planet Coaster does. I know its more focused on the dinosaur aspect, but the lack of a lot of park decorations and different buildings for different park goer needs are a bit disappointing; especially when compared to Planet Coaster where you can make pretty much anything if you are creative enough!

  29. If anyone has wanted to get into CRPGs I’d recommend these games as a starting point. They aren’t too mechanically complex and, for this type of game, are reasonably short.

  30. How long are they on average? And I started with the 3rd game already I guess. I figured if I really like it I'll go back and play the others.

  31. took me 15 hours for Shadowrun Returns, 50 hours for Dragonfall and 80 hours for Hong Kong. but I'm always surprised how everyone finishes games in half my time, maybe I'm too thorough and it will be shorter for you. Elden Ring blind took me 250 hours when others finished in 50-100...

  32. Haha, yeah I was definitely over 200 hours before I finished Elden Ring. I'm liking Hong Kong a lot so far, I'm probably 4 hours in! Although theres way too many games that have come to gamepass recently that I've started but not finished!

  33. Only one party is banning books, silencing discussion about race and sexual orientation, removing legislation protecting women's rights, and sending their craziest followers to the Capitol to try and overturn democracy.

  34. Yeah, but the left is also not doing a single damn thing about it, like, at all. The point is that all politicians line their pockets and as long as they get to keep doing that, they literally don't care.

  35. Yeah I do agree with you there; they keep the average people arguing while the status quo continues and they line their pockets.

  36. "Sorry no, it's actually animationS, machinima. Totally different" - Andrew probably

  37. I do! It was a huge step up from my OG Xbox One. I'll prob get a series X some day if I ever get around to getting a 4k tv.

  38. Really liking the total wars coming to game pass. Hadnt tried 3k yet. Also far cry 5 should be fun.

  39. I have a game of Total War Medieval 2 that I've been playing off and on for 5 years lol. I started in ireland, conquered England, then went to war with France and eventually Spain. Took many many years to finally take all of Spain but by that time I had a powerhouse empire. Anyone who attacked me I'd go after their entire kingdom.

  40. Far Cry 5 is the only Far Cry I've ever completed, and I really enjoyed the setting and the story/villain(s). I don't know if I liked it so much that I'll also beat it, again, on Xbox - but I'm just saying, play it if you haven't and you like open world shooters!

  41. Rolling towards them as they attack seems to work for me, but yeah I'll still occasionally just get mauled haha!

  42. +1 ER is difficult, but the difficulty is easy to workaround if you can invest time (the game easily takes 80 hours to complete)

  43. So I would bet you took the time to explore, collect items, level up, and didn't find the game too hard ?

  44. I definitely felt a jump in difficulty after the capital and the capital itself was still tough for me but yeah I'd done a lot of exploring other areas and was a pretty decent level by the time I got there. I never really felt underleveled in the game except for really early on, and then in the Haligtree and Farum Azula at the end of the game.

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