1. The OP is saying that she's referring to her white male fans being upset over he recent changes due to the "jerk your cocks" phrasing. This goes back a ways to her allegedly showing feet on sites frequented by yt men

  2. “Showing feet on sites frequented by yt men” is putting it EXTREMELY lightly.

  3. She is literally showing her feet? Am I missing something. God I feel like a old person right now.

  4. His logic (and by extension, the MAGAs) is that it was above board, so he wouldn’t have needed to investigate them.

  5. How come spoilers aren’t posted earlier anymore? I bet the ceo being involved in the subreddit has had something to do with it.

  6. Definitely gonna be heavily featured in promos for the threepeat lol

  7. I think without the “Sneakerhead” it would be completely fine.

  8. I can’t believe anyone would have trouble coping them 🤷🏽‍♂️ giga bricks

  9. OP said “late snag,” they’ve been out a month and still sitting. He had absolutely no trouble getting them.

  10. Will the freedom to make text posts come back? I’ve noticed the only approved posts right now are pictures(unless posted by the mods). As sometimes I want to post reviews without it having to be a picture post.

  11. I don’t believe text posts are blocked. I see one from a couple days ago. Message me after you post if you don’t see it and I will ensure it is approved.

  12. It's eastern and Sahara. Not far from Fremont.

  13. I didn’t think so. The part with the pineapple is definitely the best part, mine was a little dry tho.

  14. Bummed the Hawaiian rainbow cookie isn't the cool one they made before with the colorful swirled coconut cream cheese frosting. 👎👎

  15. That one was a cake batter cookie, too.

  16. I don’t like the original chocolate chip but the sea salt toffee is so good.

  17. I always thought that version of Red Velvet was more popular than the white chip version they’ve had the last 4 times.


  19. Source: Steve Bannon in the leaked audio admitting this plan.

  20. I returned some AF1 a couple weeks ago and hit on the Reverse Mochas, fwiw.

  21. I won a size 13. I shocked, only the second draw I’ve ever won.

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