1. I find happiness in accomplishing things that I want. Generally yes happiness is tied to societal success imo

  2. SAME!!! They think it’s all about them that’s why. They assume that no one will find out or know but when you talk shit and lie on someone’s character, that’s why people care.

  3. I have a brother kinda like this. Whenever he fails he just blames it on everything and everyone expect himself. He never changes or grows from his mistakes. He’s convinced himself that he’s a good person but he objectively isn’t. He just lives in his own delusion. It’s kinda sad to see people like that but at the same time they make it so hard to care.

  4. When he gets a new job il pull the good’ol deleteus resumeus

  5. It's a holiday and that's the traditional celebration if you don't like it it's not my problem

  6. And I'm glad everyone gets the same day off you do, and fuck everyone else am it right?

  7. I don't care. In 15 years from now why the fuck would I care about struggling over a few percent. I'm an investor not a gambler

  8. At the gravity of the moon I don't think you'd be able to break a bone from falling. Kinda like how squirrels can fall from any height and still be fine

  9. Probably nothing would change. People would blow their shot when they're teens and just shoot blanks from then on

  10. Fix what you're in secure about if possible. If it's not a thing you can fix you just need to accept it and move on

  11. In China EV sales recently past 25% of the cars sold. Good news for the future of sustainable transportation.

  12. I can move my pinky finger without moving my ring finger

  13. Idk never watched them, only heard of them from a 3rd party. Sucks when people die though RIP and fuck cancer

  14. Food industry. Tough margins, competitive, low wages, and dealing with people.

  15. Never happened. Probably a dead body mold growing on the walls or something nasty like that would do it for me

  16. Idk people like the symbolism I guess. Not much to rationalize?

  17. I’ve just stoped caring at this point. Il keep my shares and continue making money if others think I’m stupid so be it. Il be stupid and rich and you’ll be stupid and have missed out on one of the greatest investment opportunities of our generation.

  18. Damn I wish she could teach me how she’s so good at osu

  19. Recently picked up the Nord Piano 5 and couldn't be happier

  20. Damn I really wanna get that but I can’t justify spending 3000$ right now. Soon though soon

  21. Mostly no for passwords if you want online privacy I’m not going to take that from you. But knowing a phone password would be nice Incase of an emergency. But I won’t abuse that and do things on your phone we haven’t previously agreed upon

  22. No because then Elon musk would be African American and people hate billionaires so much they’d rather be racist

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