1. Ultimo Dragon began wrestling in 1987, 35 years ago. This is twice as long as Nick Wayne has been alive.

  2. only two matches (announced) this time? I was wondering what they'd do with Dark this week, since I think they're out of pre-taped matches, so I guess they're splitting what was filmed before Grand Slam into two shows?

  3. The 8/21 tapings still have 22 matches left, so they will still air most of those over the next few weeks.

  4. Because lots of WCW/JCP fans simply turned off wrestling forever after the company was bought.

  5. They would not have wanted to watch a Vince McMahon version of WCW either.

  6. So dental is automatic. When you go to a dentist appointment, just make sure they are one of the providers for the uft, let them know you’re a member of the uft, and they will handle everything else on their own.

  7. Optical basically works the same way as dental now. You used to have to request a voucher ahead of time, but now it's automatic when you visit a provider that takes UFT coverage.

  8. Did you not watch the video? People keep saying his name.

  9. Where did that happen in the match? I must've missed it.

  10. when Darby and Brody went off the stage. They did cut to a shot of Darby's head bleeding shortly after.

  11. So i am glad Hangman won but could someone clue me in, what's a Golden Ticket? I understand it's purpose, but I watch on and off and i dont recall seeing someone win it last year so is it a new thing? I know he faces Mox at Tuesday Dynamite in Oct, but wasn't Hangman already one of the top ranked in singles anyway?

  12. It's a new thing. Maybe they'll do it at Grand Slam again next year. A battle royale with stakes is a decent draw for a Rampage.

  13. Haha Stoke handing Matt a Metrocard at the end was great.

  14. I still don't know who Trina is.

  15. They don't usually air Rampage matches out of order, but since it's taped they can do so if they decide it's the better option.

  16. lmao Ricky kissing the old lady's hand and she goes "I'm never washing this hand again"

  17. I always love the wrestlers that do special videos. Ricky's the best.

  18. Ooooh, are they teasing a Moriarty vs. Garcia feud? Because I am SO fucking down for that.

  19. Yeah, Stokely said during that promo that Moriarty was going for the Pure Title.

  20. Hahahaha oh well, sorry you couldn't get back in WWE, dude.

  21. Do a damn PPV in Massachusetts AEW, I'm begging you. Been to every Massachusetts show, reward my loyalty.

  22. The Boston Dynamite is not selling well right now so I wouldn't expect a PPV anytime soon.

  23. Hobbs and Starks deserved this time slot. Khans booking of those 2 makes me especially angry

  24. They're in the main event of Rampage. They got the Mark Henry spot.

  25. In real life yes, but at Arthur Ashe it was past midnight with a cold exhausted crowd.

  26. I was at the show and even though it was crazy late, it's still the main event spot and it was treated as an important match. I actually thought it was great that they were trusted with the main event spot.

  27. Is this the most matches AEW will have ever had on a TV broadcast? I can’t specifically recall Dynamite ever having more than 7

  28. On TV? Yes. Dynamite has only ever had 7 matches at most.

  29. I wonder if Tony will look at moving Grand Slam up a week next year to avoid season premieres get a bigger number or if he prefers it here to keep their number up while going against season premieres.

  30. Not sure if it's possible to do or not. The US Open went August 29-September 11 this year. The next Wednesday was the 14th, but I wonder if the US Open would have everything cleared out and ready for AEW that quickly.

  31. This is super cool. Seems Jacques Rougeau sponsored this competition to get four Canadians a chance to train at the Nightmare Factory and debut in AEW at the Toronto tapings. Happy for them!

  32. This video has me so hyped for this match. Can't wait to cheer for The Acclaimed tonight.

  33. The most recent schedule is the May 14, 2021 schedule because we're now out of contract. A new schedule will come out when a new contract is agreed upon. If you're on step 1A now, you'd be at step 2A in September of next year. In May you switch from 1A to 1B.

  34. WrestleTix's update today on Patreon has it at 12,471

  35. This is an interesting card. A couple questions I have:

  36. Maybe this is the wrong place to ask, but what does Tony bring to the organization with his front facing role?

  37. Tony is barely ever on TV. Like it's really been a handful of times, so it's a weird complaint.

  38. I knew that CD was in a match at that show, but I didn't know it was against Takeshita! I gotta track down video of that.

  39. CD wrestled Chris Brookes first and then Takeshita like two hours later. Great that he can still do two matches in a night.

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