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  1. "Tough love" is almost always a euphemism for "abuse". Anybody who uses that term is a red flag.

  2. OMG I saw the title and wanted to comment about being forced to try food that I don't like, but you already beat me to that. :(

  3. “Doing the basics doesn’t mean you get the reward of going above and beyond”.

  4. I love how you turned "participation trophies" right back at him.

  5. My Nparents hated video games with a burning passion for some... reason. Whenever I was "caught" playing games, it was met with a "you're playing those stupid games again!" remark, and sometimes I get a huge "lecture" on top of that. Whenever I got a "bad" grade on anything (and B stands for bad), I got a "if you actually studied instead of playing games all the time, you would've done better".

  6. I remember when I was buying my first car, I wanted to buy a Mercedes, and my parents were vehemently against the idea. They said that I would look like a showoff and a rich snob, and that it would leave a bad impression if any of my coworkers see it. I tried to explain that my coworkers are unlikely to even notice, and even if they did they probably wouldn't care, and even if they did they have better things to do than gossip about me, ... but any attempt fell on deaf ears. I don't think my Nparents can wrap their heads around the idea that other people aren't nearly as judgmental as they are.

  7. OMG I just checked that sub, and what the actual f. I'm glad I left that sub already.

  8. For the gen 5 games, Black/White: is it worth playing both B/W and B/W 2?

  9. Your iPhone 6 actually gets to round 300+? Mine can’t play a single round past 120 or so without crashing.

  10. It seems like with each passing day, the allowable age gap shrinks and the minimum age of the younger person increases. At some point, I just stopped caring. I've seen 26 and 23 be considered a "large" age gap and a "red flag". I've seen people say that 23 is "barely out of college" and "basically still a kid". (facepalm)

  11. 31M living in the Bay Area, CA, USA. Looking for friendship (location doesn't matter). My main interests are:

  12. Wasn't sun avatar widely regarded as the best super monkey, and one of the best towers in general? How come dark knight is suddenly above it?

  13. Good to see I’m not the only one that wants the roomba pet with ETN.

  14. Tbh I don't try beating the Elite bosses anymore. Too stressful and time consuming

  15. Same here. It’s fun to do once, but repeating the same process every week gets tedious very quickly.

  16. Yeah, and most of the hate towards this sub are based on strawmans.

  17. Good to hear. As a Chinese person, I've always been kinda sad that my birth country is rather socially backwards. This is a big step in the right direction.

  18. Not much of a movie fan, but I do read visual novels, and I have the same feeling. I get annoyed at how many stories end with babies. It's not even the babies that annoy me, it's all the coo'ing and caa'ing and fake positivity, as well as how predictable and "samey" the stories are. There's zero childfree representation- the best you could hope for is an ending that doesn't mention kids. (And as a polyamorous person, I get annoyed by the lack of poly representation as well.) Like the other comment said, most media is pandering to the masses, so it's going to be "traditional" and follow the "life script" closely.

  19. I'm a man and I agree. One of my (many) reasons for being childfree is for the sake of the woman. There's no way I'm going to subject a girlfriend or wife (who I'm supposed to "love") to the horrors of pregnancy and birth.

  20. So they admitted that having kids is irrational, but you should have them anyway because... umm... oh right, natalists don't make sense.

  21. I've posted about this before, but why doesn't their community manager do anything? Like..manage the community maybe? This place wouldn't be such a shitshow if they kept the community in the loop.

  22. Agree. My parents frequently told me that coworkers and bosses will be angry and uncaring, but I was always mystified by how the angriest people in my life were my parents

  23. OMG same here. My parents were always warning me about their "big scary boss" and "office politics". But my boss and coworkers are some of the most kind, supportive, and helpful people I've ever met.

  24. Yeah, I've always felt like having narcissistic parents is one of the most crippling disadvantages one can have. Not only are you missing one of the greatest sources of support that many others have, but you also have an additional (incredibly oppressive) bully that others don't have to deal with, and the rest of society doesn't realize what you're going through, so you suffer alone and don't get support, AND whatever consequences you face from being abused for so long (like low self-esteem, poor communication, low life skills, no friends, etc) people act like it's your own shortcoming. It's a quadruple-whammy.

  25. As someone who never had the mommy/marriage dreams growing up and has been child free for as long as I can remember, I can tell you baby fever is a real, albeit temporary, phase, probably hormonal. For me it happened around age 32 - 34.

  26. When you describe it like that, suddenly it all makes sense...

  27. 31M living in the Bay Area, CA, USA. Looking for friendship (location doesn't matter). My main interests are:

  28. This is one of those things that's really messed up if you think about it. Imagine somebody being so insecure, that they throw away the next 18+ years of their life and hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to prove a point. (And it also shows that these people are still seeking their parents' validation- because who else are they proving it to?)

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