1. I think the point is that if being a vegan could create an advantage for a top tier athelete, more of them would be taking advantage of it. Their whole job is min-maxing performance and trying to find every potential advantage possible.

  2. I never mentioned it being an advantage. I am saying there is not enough info to say either way.

  3. I'm not talking about you. I'm talking about the point that you very densely seem to not be getting.

  4. Will they be releasing today or tomorrow? I Guess it depends on region? I live in Sweden..

  5. Me and my then 8 year old son watched it together and quite enjoyed it! Was sad to see it was so limited.

  6. Just started ACS last night. I didnt super get it right away, but I'm really excited to dig in and try and learn more.

  7. Did he address it or do we have to wait until Sunday night when it’s old news to them in the sports media industry

  8. Sounds like yesterday's pod was recorded prior to the game.

  9. But after week 1’s Thursday night Bills vs Rams game, Bill recorded his thoughts on the game and put it in the beginning of his podcast of which the rest was recorded before that game

  10. He did not do it on this one. Last I checked he hasn't even tweeted about it.

  11. This is a pretty wild hypothesis but as someone else said, if the study can be replicated then perhaps there’s a real correlation there. It seems outlandish though.

  12. Then why are siblings’ personalities and behaviours often quite different? Why does every US president have that one ne’er do well brother?

  13. Biological Siblings do not share 100% genetics. Identical siblings on the other hand... when separated twin studies have been done, they only strengthen the argument.

  14. Came here to say this or support this idea. Also, I love Faye Marsay...

  15. Every other Star Wars show has been a live action cartoon. Which is what Filoni makes. Cartoons. Andor is the first that feels like a real show with real people and real stakes. I absolutely love it.

  16. I love how it comes up all the time on this sub and I laugh every single time.

  17. What’s the point in the game past quests can you get anything good with the points ?

  18. 100%. I pay for my Gamepass Ultimate every single month with gamepass quests and microsoft rewards. Only paid $1 the first month I signed up and have never had to pay since. They can also be redeemed for giftcards from a variety of different places. It is handsdown the best rewards program out there!

  19. Shadow of War and Dragon Quest IX are probably the two most prominent ones. Not a ton of them currently though unfortunately.

  20. Just to confirm, is that dragon quest 9 or 11?

  21. Oh whoops. Getting rusty with my Roman numbers. It's XI. 11. :)

  22. ITT: *Kid takes one political science classes, talks out of his ass on Reddit *

  23. Alright well, after tonight I'm 0-3 in a Superflex league. Starting to test the market on some of my guys. Probably the guy getting most interest is AJ Brown. Full point PPR.

  24. if you truly need QB, i'd rather do the goff and 3rd for aiyuk. QB play in san fran isn't getting better any sooner and he is WR2 on that offense. for AJB goff and russ aren't enough the way russ has been playing. i would maybe wait till deadline to see where you are and trade then for younger talent

  25. Yeah this is good advice. Maybe just hang tight a bit longer and see where I'm at in a few weeks.

  26. Welcome to Canada, eh. You'll find how much harder that Rewards life is up here though with way less points!! But enjoy your stay!!

  27. It really is crazy you can spend a ton of money and still get treated like a f2p player.

  28. Man, this is so true. I loved ESO for about 6 months. And then I got to the point that without a craft bag, it became almost unplayable. And at $20/mth for premium I just couldn't justify it anymore and walked away. I login every now and then, especially with the Series X upgrade it runs and looks pretty great. But I just can't get behind having to buy premium for basically a bare minimum experience.

  29. Yeah, fuck the government that maintains my roads, and water, and garbage, and internet, and safety, and security! Yeahh, fuck them! Wooo

  30. Is the reviewer a Christian? I didn’t get through all of it but at the beginning they say that they will not be discussing the actual claim of the book and that it’s irrelevant to the fact-checking.

  31. Seems pretty clear the OP is likely an evangelical with his own axe to grind in regards to Hitchens.

  32. Well that's great, let me sing you a bit of you, just so you don't forget it, ALL DAY LONG!!!

  33. If only people like Bill and Sal would listen to professional gamblers who will tell you teasers are a sucker bet maybe be he wouldn’t always feel this way.

  34. See, this is the thing. Some teasers are positive EV, but the fast majority are not. And within the world of negative EV teasers, the teaser that Sal is complaining about... a same game teaser(where he teased both the outcome with the total) is the absolute worst teaser of them all. But he knows this, has acknowledged it and he keeps doing it anyway. I don't think he's in it for the money.

  35. Alright, so we're 0-2 and starting to think about the future here. It's a Superflex league.

  36. I really don’t like this trade at all for you, and I’m a big 49er fan that think Aiyuk will a stud this year. Travis Ettiene is by far the best asset for a young rebuilding team and should be a top 10 rb going into next year. Derek Carr will remain a good qb going into his second year of the system. While Aiyuk should be good next year, Mac has no weapons with a bad OC, Tj Hockenson has ASB and Jamo stealing targets this year and going forward and Harris is being pushed out . And a second round pick isn’t enough to make up this value. I’d hold, youre selling low on Ettiene

  37. Really good thoughts.. appareciate it! If I were to hold onto Etienne and keep the offer the same but take a 3rd round pick instead of 2nd does it make more sense? (This is basically what he offered me initially)

  38. Wait, wait, wait, wait. That piece says it's written a decade after the Malice in the Palace. But, but... the piece was written a decade ago from now.

  39. The Browns have a really good team. They are kinda bad ass. The Browns look fucking awesome. An NFL coach told me the Browns get off the bus they scare the shit out of you. Garrett comes off the bus … then another beast. The offense line is soooo good. Two great corners. And Chubb and Hunt just pound you. The Defense can just win games for you.

  40. I ran far too many parleys through the browns moneyline after listening to that pod.

  41. Anyone taking bills advice still for gambling only has themselves to blame

  42. Is there a fucking echo in here? Do you always go around just repeating things people just said? That's awesome man! Keep up the great work!

  43. i'm just getting into TFT and like just hit silver, and have absolutely no idea what this video or this thread is about, but i fuckin love it and i hope to keep learning and one day come back and finally understand

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