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  1. Im in progress of 2nd watch but i fear watching the last ep again.

  2. Let's all walk hand in hand to extinction

  3. Creepy af. I wonder what sapient venus fly traps would look like?

  4. Olivia Wilde's jaw though. Holy cow

  5. Cyberpunk 2077 is really becoming the biggest game/IP right now

  6. It made me realize that my depression wasn't that bad before it

  7. Good worldbuilding, great characters they were all utilized for the story

  8. I can imagine there were a few nights like that

  9. He doesn't respect treaties. Waste of time

  10. Ignore them and get away from them by any means necessary. Run if you have to.

  11. I'm sure the future generations will enjoy it.

  12. Im rewatching the show. It really helps fill the empty feeling. So far have rewatched episode 1 and it has made me happy to see David again. Although still sad because of what happens to Gloria.

  13. Yeah i've started rewatching it recently. But I think i'll pass on watching episode 10.

  14. I do question how temporary of a solution this would be. But winter will force a short deadline on this.

  15. That man in the thumbnail ain't no incel lol

  16. This is what putting party over country looks like

  17. We are sick of letting these politicians off the hook

  18. florida has been warned for years about future climate change impacts, this is the new norm, people need to move out of that state asap

  19. Floridians will never leave Florida and more will move there.

  20. That Lucy's hair is very eye catching

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