Me at 5 months old. 04/87 Sailor man.

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  1. they might need their chair to get from their apartment/work/etc to their car but have another one at home waiting by where they park or already in the car. some people are unable to actually put their chair inside their own car due to their disability


  3. Putting in the littlest amount of effort to find out is a great start. Be original

  4. Might be Garth Brooks’ couch? Touch my camera through the fence

  5. Hey smilin’ strange, you’re lookin happily deranged, Can you settle to shoot me? or have you picked your target yet? Hey Sandy

  6. My eyes aren’t on fire, so perhaps they’re Aqua waffles or Blue Stroop?

  7. It makes even more sense that this is Garths alter ego. This gives him confirmation bias and justification for murdering all those innocent people. The real question is where are the bodies?

  8. Someone tried to touch his camera through the fence…. Once.

  9. 2 of the simplest tricks. 180 tailwhip and backflip tailwhip. Not even close to next fucking level.

  10. Grab a handful, and your hands will never be the same

  11. It says that, literally right at the bottom of the screen, when the video plays.

  12. It’s bizarre to watch The Patient, and see similarities in some of his “over the top” exclamatory moments, in comparison to his role as Michael Scott. The former, being almost the opposite personality. Also, it’s pretty entertaining. No this isn’t an ad, I happen to have just finished an episode before scrolling upon this. Cheers

  13. That’s a very “middle of the road”, critical thought on a joke you don’t get. Is it hard being you?

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