I hate UPS.

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  1. Kind of insane to me that there’s no push to moderate all the dab pens, fruity and candy edibles, etc. to prevent children from getting high. If it’s truly “all about the kids”…

  2. I mean, those are already illegal in the eyes of the feds. You’re point still stands, but it’s already regulated in their eyes.

  3. Except it’s not JUST a federal problem. States with no problem with candy edibles have banned all tobacco flavorings already.

  4. Sure be a shame if the public benches got arm rests.

  5. I don’t know how you read the date of stokers tub, please tell me how I can do this!

  6. First letter, A-L (1-12), refers to the month. Next 2 are the date. Third number is last of year. Last 2 digits aren’t relevant. So in this case, the tub expires July 26, 2022.

  7. Alternatively, entering Afghanistan without a plan.

  8. For what its worth, these time cards are wrong a lot for me. Wait for the real check and go from there.

  9. Sheesh.. all the negativity. OP, good find. Keep digging.

  10. I get the sentiment here, and I really don’t disagree. But we shouldn’t forget that most Democrats don’t care either. They tend to be paid by the same corporations. Hell,

  11. Not a Biden fan, but the administration did save our pension fund so there's that.

  12. That he did. And I’m happy to give credit where credit’s due. That doesn’t change the other nonsense that goes on behind closed doors regarding lobbying and silent labor laws.

  13. You Are Not Needed Now .. hits home for me. But that whole album, High, Low and Inbetween, is top tier. Probably my favorite album of all time.

  14. I lived in a rural “suburb” for a while. Though I’m not sure if it counts as a suburb. It was more like.. this is the entire town. A county of 20,000 people. This town has about 2,000 of them. There’s normal grid city streets but everyone owns at least an acre. Driving down the road its like a normal neighborhood until you go in the backyard.

  15. Interesting, I always thought it was a middle finger to the US (I.e. status symbol)

  16. They used to be somewhat pricey but not really the rich man’s luxury watch. They had a function and they were damn good at it. My father was a helicopter pilot for much of his life. I have his Air King he bought in 1960. I have the receipt too. He paid a little over $100 for it from the dealer. Roughly $1000 today. They doubled in price by the 70s. Times that by 5 by the 80s. If you adjust it all by inflation the value of a new Rolex has gone up by a factor of 10 since the 60s, if not more. It wasn’t really a status symbol. It was a tool, made to survive and be dinged up and still keep that perfect time. Fidel there was a guerrilla fighter. Gotta keep the time right in battle, and I bet you a bullet wouldn’t have stopped those watches. Thats what they were made for.

  17. I think it just depends where you are. Cause here at Worldport I work with some folks who have been here 20+ years and their ID photo reflects it. I don’t know how long they’ve been issuing ID’s here but considering it’s one of UPS’ main locations at one of the largest cargo airports in the US, I assume at least since 9/11. As long as I’ve worked here we have ID’s we must wear on property at all times, TSA style security with bag x-rays and metal detector’s, dogs sniffing packages, people walking around who’s job it is to check for badges. In fact we can get in trouble for not challenging people we see without a badge. And if you’re unauthorized to be here you will likely go to jail. But again, it’s at a major airport. Our ID’s are more for TSA purposes, not UPS. We fall under their rules. If you’re working here with prior felonies you get a red badge which means you have to have an escort at all times. One of my old supes got 15 years in prison for bringing his pistol to work. I knew someone who got fined thousands of dollars for having a beer with him, on top of being fired. It’s federal property. You have to get clearance to have a razor knife even.

  18. That was actually one of the better refereed games I've seen this season, minus that terrible missed facemask. Bengals fans are just salty about the outcome. If they had won and the Rams fans brought up the facemask they'd all be like 🤷‍♂️

  19. Honestly as a Bengals fan I agree with you on the face mask. At the end of the day put any team in their spots with the same outcome and the same response would come from their respective fanbases. Because.. blind loyalty n shit. Or something.

  20. I’m biased against the Bengals. A Ravens fan here. But Bengals were robbed. It was as clear as day refs wanted Rams to win

  21. The only thing that robbed us was our own shitty OL and staff. Joe still can’t figure out how to throw the damn ball in less than 15 seconds. Which was time he had at LSU. Not anymore. In that 4th and 1 play JaMarr had Ramsey’s ankles broken. Could’ve won right then and there, and that’s just one example. But these crucial moment mean nothing when Joe gets obliterated before the ball leaves his hands. Don’t get me wrong, I love Joe to death. We need a better OL obviously, but he needs to adapt better. He’s not at LSU anymore. The whole team has lots of room to grow. Contender for domination? Absolutely. But not right now. Not playing like that. We played like our lives depended on it but this whole post season I can’t help but feel like us getting there was some freak accident.

  22. As a UPS employee I can assure you it wasn’t our fault. Shipper should’ve packaged it in a way to handle planes, warehouses, human hands, and trucks. They make foam shipping boxes and hard cases for a reason.

  23. Rule I go by is that you should be able to pick up and drop your package and not even have a hint of fear that you might break the contents.

  24. My favorite is the $1,000 worth of bull semen loosely in a bucket.

  25. Which is already bullshit, it's not a police matter, it's a civil dispute, Amazon know this, they've been told by the police to stop doing this shit but they keep doing it.

  26. Amazon is so weird about stuff like that. It seems to depend on your favor to the Amazon gods.. ie how much you use them and if you’re a prime member or not. Of course they deny it. I used to be a prime member and used it constantly. When I ordered a laptop in 2017 (can’t remember the specifics but it cost around 700), it never came despite the order showing delivered. I contacted amazon and got a replacement 2 days later AND a full refund, no questions asked. Next week the original order laptop shows up. No one asked for that laptop back or for my money.

  27. My dad was a lifelong union man. But we’re from Texas (right-to-work) and he hates that his dues funded Democrat campaigns

  28. As a union worker, I must say - based dad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that my $30 a month goes to my free health, vision, dental, vacation, raises, etc, my union is absolutely phenomenal. But a portion of my check going to ActBlue really rubs me the wrong way. They don’t support workers rights. Neither does the GOP to be fair, but who the hell thought that’d be a good idea. Completely against our interests. We just had an election though. I’m hoping for a change.

  29. I know a way to pay off this debt! *turns on a money printer*

  30. That’s the first step to Vuvuzela iphone 10 trillion dead

  31. That was a great way to describe the pain I feel in this hobby.

  32. Not to be pedantic, but "your family" means some branch, nobody can trace everyone else back 1000 years. It doesn't matter much anyway, but for all you know it is "mostly Jordanian" or anyone else over time.

  33. Well yes of course. My point being, this idea that “Palestinian” is some unique new identity that never existed until very recently is a stupid one. I don’t claim to be “pure bred” or anything. I’m half indigenous. I know all too well about blood quantum. I use that as more of a counter point. There are Palestinians who can trace their lineage to Palestine for a very very long time. I don’t really care about much more distant than what I know. On my fathers side everyone going back at least 7 generations that I know 100% is from Palestine. That makes me Palestinian enough, I’d hope.

  34. It was literally called Jund al-Falastin during the Caliphates. This is not new.

  35. Watching bootlegged games in the 90s on middle eastern tv made the games a little better because I usually couldn’t tell who was actually winning.

  36. The risk of being a mother over 40 is significantly higher and nobody is banning that, so whatever

  37. Having a child over 40 doesn’t cause genetic harm to the child.

  38. A condition caused by cellular development due to fetal complications is not the same as your parents having a 20% overlap of their chromosomes. One is a risk, the other is doomed from the start. That said, consenting adults and what not. Not my business, but come on. It’s not 1850 people can go out and find suitors not in the same village if you get what I mean. And for what its worth, a large chunk of people with Down syndrome are the result of cousin marriages. There are a lot more older women having babies than cousin marriages.

  39. Context: I snagged my undergrad in fisheries biology and management and I'm currently wrapping up my MS in fisheries.

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