1. The fact that you took the time to write all this XD

  2. Don't take it personally. Every single character (Not including Shelly) is a interesting character, some just aren't for me.

  3. Lol Ik I was just joking since I’m a dyna main XD

  4. I know most of you guys are joking, but I do feel kinda bad. Like why tf dont I like Mike? What caused my brain to be like this?

  5. I feel like he is an acquired taste. He is extremely hard to master for most people and therefore it isn’t difficult to see why a good number of people don’t like to play him.

  6. Idk it’s a bit of a stretch but nothing is impossible

  7. Carl looking like he got a black eye lol

  8. Dude are u kidding? He would be way too op. No one would be able to KO him even at 300%

  9. To this day I’m disappointed I missed out on Loki

  10. Man I feel old when I see people calling this console old now XD. I got a second hand Xbox one 6 years ago that someone only owned for 6 months which broke down a few years later. But it only feels like yesterday.

  11. I think I spent about 10 days re-evaluating my entire life after seeing the end of Better Call Saul...yeah good storytelling does that! hahaha

  12. “Walter white couldn’t have done it without me” love that line

  13. Todd: I just want you to know it’s nothing personal

  14. I want some Richard episodes aswell, he has always been my favourite character

  15. Top ten pictures taken seconds before disaster:

  16. Also maybe Midas in the event coming soon

  17. Dusty Divott (the version with trees growing in the crator). I know it’s very specific so it will probably never happen, but I loved it’s location since it was near the middle of the map combined with the fact that it had a ton of cover. I could farm wood to my hearts content and sneak around under the trees and surprise people.

  18. There's also a animation based of this tweet by TurquoiseSpace. Here's the

  19. Man you got to experience the live event early, I’m jealous!

  20. I love how she matched him with candy when he never even spent any time around her and instead hung out with Wendy lol, they only ever got together once roadside attraction came along

  21. Still have no idea how WarioWare of all stages managed to win, but congrats to all of it's fans! This saga has finally come to a close.

  22. The closest thing we have is the haunted mansion poi

  23. The way Mabel acts sometimes makes her a very dislike-able character to me. She literally started the apocalypse out of her own selfishness when she didn’t want dipper to move on and accept his new opportunity with Ford. She probably knows that this is her brothers dream.

  24. I don't dislike Mabel as a character but I dislike that the show doesn't acknowledge that she has flaws and allow her to suffer the consequences of her actions the same way it does to Dipper.

  25. Yeah even in the unicorn episode, they keep saying Mabel is extremely selfless and “pure of heart” and it had me shaking my head nearly the entire time XD

  26. Would you actually want a Ronald McDonald? If we're doing food mascots maybe it would be better to have the cereal ones... Like Tony the Tiger or Nesquick. I'm not sure how many fans Ronald McDonald has... He would be a cool Fortnitmares skin though 😅

  27. Lol imagine him jumpscaring u out of a bush

  28. Pair him up with the Burger King. Stuff of nightmares 😆

  29. Battle of the burgers: Beef Boss vs Ronald McDonald vs Burger King

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