1. Championship trophy is probably a centerpiece so you’d need the grand prize of a mode

  2. Hopefully we can get that LSU outfielder or that Tennessee pitcher

  3. Is there a can't miss prospect next year that makes #1 important?

  4. Quit my job a couple of weeks ago bc I was over it. So I had to cancel my YTTV sub bc it's so pricey. Any suggestions on how to watch the Vols game this week?

  5. Anyone need a single lsu ticket? I’ve got 1 in 404 that won’t be used after plans fell apart. DM me or respond with an offer if you’re interested

  6. Do u know anyone else who needs a ticket. I have one I need to get rid of in 404 row 18

  7. 💯, only controversy would be if all P5 conference champs were undefeated which I don’t think will happen

  8. If all P5 is undefeated keep the pac 12 out, they just dont match up well, use Oregon v Georgia as evidence

  9. If Arkansas was playing Tennessee later this year, I’d be very worried with all the 98 talk

  10. Just wrap that football in a blanket like a baby, place it down gently and we’ll take it from there

  11. I think Ben threw a pick or 2 in his first game when he was thrust in against the ravens

  12. Aiight, Tigers, let's make them believe. Let's make some history.

  13. Stetson Bennett is back to almost replaced by JT Daniels version

  14. Don’t worry guys, Birmingham has gotta give bamas defense a couple minutes to catch their breath

  15. The Arkansas fans that left at half time are not true fans and should be ashamed of themselves.

  16. This is gonna come down to another episode of college kickers isn’t it

  17. What are the chances we come back from commercial to a targeting review?

  18. Pat, I think our school is part of one of the most unfortunately losses in the history of football

  19. The problem is picking which one. I went up to Pittsburgh for a Steelers game a couple weeks ago and Dick’s was selling 13-9 2007 commemorative cups

  20. If FSU and NC State wins today, are they going to do Gameday in Raleigh next week, or will it be reserved for A&M-Bama?

  21. But how on earth is Auburn/Georgia a better game than Tennesssee/LSU, that is the question. Even as a Vols fan I’d rather a more competitive game be picked than if for instance it were Bama/Tennessee and Tennessee were three touchdown dogs

  22. CBS gets 1st and 3rd pick doubleheader weekend, the caveat is that ESPN’s second pick has to be at noon

  23. I never want to call for someones job, and by all accounts, Bobs a great guy. But please, Danny, give me someone young with pure, unbridled, enthusiasm for the orange and white.

  24. Maybe the guy who does the baseball games, I always forget his name but he does a great job

  25. I’m other news, UT is bussing 1200 students to this game, should be a good road atmosphere

  26. Man, this really sucks for the students. It could have been such a fantastic experience for them to check off Saturday Night in Death Valley and a full day of LSU tailgating.

  27. I’ve got a ticket through the school and plan on going. The only positive is I can try to drive back after instead of doing 2 nights in hotels. Im also debating whether to do Baton Rouge or New Orleans Friday night

  28. They were there, I was in row 2 and talked to the lady coordinating it, she told us if we come they can’t stop us all, just the amount of handcuffs they have. She also said they’d just come to us which they did. If we beat bama there’s almost no doubt a storm is happening

  29. Michigan hosts penn state that week so gameday might go there unless we’re like top 4 from some madness happening ahead of us

  30. Think we got up to nine at two separate points that yr

  31. Which one? We just beat Florida, we’ve still gotta play bama, Georgia’s a semi rivalry, we hate Kentucky, we’ve played vandy the longest but that’s not really a true rivalry

  32. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not trying to hate on Bianca but there are a lot better names they could’ve gotten that fans, especially college students, would know

  33. The OCI was a hell of a place to get a 34 ounce natty light to start the night off.

  34. Didn’t it just get merged with a restaurant to make sunspot?

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